10 Video Games With Some Pretty Deep Meanings

In many games, you have to look deeper to find a secret message.

Spending some time alone or with friends in a digital world can be a great way to de-stress and unwind. Most games also have a story to tell.

As is often the case with stories, many of them have hidden messages that you might not see at first. These themes might not be clear at first, but after a repeat or two, they might become more clear. There are a lot of games with pretty deep messages, whether it’s a story that makes you think about the world as a whole or a more direct argument about society today.


At first glance, this game might look like a cute 2D puzzle-solving game, but the way it deals with moral questions might surprise you.

Choices in a video game may seem easy, but in Undertale, the choices you make will not only change your character but also show what kind of person you are. After you learn about and beat an enemy, you have to decide if they should die for what they did or if you should forgive them. Some of the enemies’ arguments put you in a tough moral spot, which you wouldn’t expect from such a cute game.


The idea of a “walking simulator” is taken to a whole new level in this game. Even though it looks like a simple game to show off some cool graphics, the setting tells a story with a pretty deep meaning.

Heroic odysseys have a lot in common with this story. A single figure has one goal, and to get there, they have to cross what seems like endless distances. The moving sand and ruins make the main character think about how, like a trip, life also comes to an end. During this quiet walk across the sands, we all think about our goals, life, death, age, and what is important to us.


Horror is a genre that is often full of hidden messages, no matter what form it takes. Bioshock might be one of the most powerful cases of this in video games.

As your character learns more about the terrible things that happened in Rapture, this first-person shooter horror game becomes more and more important. What do people do when they have power? Who should be in charge? As you learn about the different people in Rapture’s leadership and what drove them, you also learn about the sins they’ve made because power has almost completely changed them.

Red Dead Redemption 2

On the surface, this game is a fun way to learn about life on the border in the Wild West. As you play the game, you will have to make moral decisions, and those decisions will change what the story says about Arthur Morgan.

In the end, the decisions Arthur makes when you start the game are behind him. Every bad thing he’s done is starting to get to him, and he doesn’t feel connected to the rest of his gang. From there, you can choose whether to keep doing bad things or try to make a new name for yourself. Either way, what you do comes back to you. But did the people who came after you look up to you or were they afraid of you?

God Of War (2018)

The plot of the new version of the old show was a little bit more serious. The bloody revenge story with quick-time erotica has been replaced by a story about being a dad.

In the PS2 version of God of War, Kratos has come a long way. Since he lost his wife, he is the only one taking care of his son. A kid with whom he doesn’t really know how to connect. What happens next is a standard hack-and-slash game, but there are also themes of fatherhood, love, and how far someone will go to protect their family. Including from themselves.


Fallout is a game that people all over the world love. From its crazy tasks to the fact that it’s a mix of FPS and RPG.

“War is always the same.”Fallout shows in great detail what war does to people, and especially what war with nuclear bombs does. Not to mention the game’s anti-capitalist and anti-xenophobic themes, which are based on McCarthy-era ideas about communists and people from other countries.

Layers Of Fear

You play as a painter who has lost his family in a scary adventure game. You don’t find out about your character’s past until you get deeper into the game.

On the surface, Eggy Car game seems to have the same level of tension and creepiness as other games in its genre. But underneath that are a number of deeper meanings and moral decisions. You learn that your character is in the situation he is in because of things he did wrong. From there, you can either face your shame or push yourself further into isolation and madness.

The Last Of Us

At first glance, zombie games may seem like they have a story that is overused and maybe even too simple. The Last of Us, on the other hand, takes the zombie survival game genre to a whole new level.

Joel, who is in the story, has been through a lot. Since he lost his daughter, he has become quiet and tough. But his life changes a lot when he has to move Ellie across the wrecked United States. What comes next is a story about family, being a father, and loving again. Not to mention what people will do to protect their loved ones.

Darkest Dungeon

This cosmic horror dungeon-delver game is not for people who like things to be easy. When you send your group of heroes into one scary dungeon after another, it not only stresses you out, but it also stresses out your characters.

The more you send your figures on trips, the more they change when they return. Your figures can be affected by going crazy, getting sick, getting hurt, and so much more. This means they need time off to rest and get better. All of this shows how dangerous it is to push your limits and force other people to do the same.

Disco Elysium

The art style in Disco Elysium is unique and interesting. But that’s not the whole story. The moral of the story is about mental health, loss, connections, and what it means to be a person.

Harry, who is the main character, is having one of the worst times of his life when we meet him. From there, the decisions you make affect not only how Harry does his job, but also how he treats himself and other people. This is one of the most honest and heartbreaking video game depictions of mental health problems.

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