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11 of The Best Instagram Profile Viewer To Try Out


You might be wondering what is an Instagram profile viewer and how it works. Well, this is a service that is used for private accounts or someone who is not present on social media.

If you are someone looking for a private profile then you can use Instagram profile viewer to check their photos and videos, and other related content. A private profile is something that a user has restricted from the settings, which means only a person who is following the private profile can view their videos or photos.

But, Instagram profile viewer enables other users to intercept the private profile and even visit somebody’s profile if their account does not exist on Instagram. Here  are our top 11 picks:


Instazoomer can be used to view full-sized profile pictures and all other related content from Instagram. You just have to make sure that you are typing the correct username while using this website. And then you will able to download Instagram profile picture of any of the user on the Internet.


Glassagram is an intriguing software that is used to spy on an Instagram profile. It offers anonymous viewing options and many other features you can use to investigate a certain Instagram profile

Insta Looker

Insta Looker is one of the oldest Instagram viewers that efficiently spy on Insta profiles in no time. Enter the username you wish to spy on and hit enter within a few moments the results will be displayed on your screen

This tool has a user-friendly I terrace that can be easily understood by anyone. It is also one of the most powerful tools when it comes to privately investigating a user’s profile.

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Insta Grammies

This tool will let you analyze the profile of Instagram users even without following them. You can see all their videos and photos even if they are private or you are barred from their profile. The users of Insta Grammies remain anonymous to each other.

Private Insta

As evident from the name it is a private tool for spying on the Instagram profile all you need is a username that separates private profiles from the public ones. You need to enter the username, search for the profile and click submit. After answering a few simple questions you would be redirected to the profile of the user you wish to spy on.

Unfortunately, run on such an algorithm that the profile picture can’t be viewed properly except for the little circle that it encompasses. To view someone’s profile picture in full size you can either use this software or instadp.com which will also download high-resolution pictures for you.

Watch Insta

If you are like a content creator but for some reason, you are blocked from their profile and you want to gain access to their account as a follower then watching Insta is your best friend. Just provide the username to the software and it will do the rest of the work for you. You can even download their videos and photos from their account with this handy viewer tool.

Yet another software for viewing profile photos of the targeted individual you will not only watch the full form do but you can also download it in HD format. This software will additionally allow you to view all full-sized pictures of personal and private profiles.

Insta Downloader.Net

It is yet another tool for viewing Instagram’s profile photos, videos, pictures, and other content in full form. It does not matter if you are following the profile or not you can still enjoy the content they are posting just like a regular follower. Insta-downloader saves you from all the complications and brings forth all the content of the targeted profile on your screen.

Insta DPs

The final tool I will be sharing is Insta DPs. It is the same tool mentioned above that is used for viewing full-sized profile photos of an individual profile, be it private or public. The software will also let you zoom in on pictures without disrupting their quality.

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Going through the profile pictures or private profiles of a targeted individual is not an easy task as it involves a lot of precision and tactics. But, all the above-mentioned tools in the market will make your job easier and quicker.

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