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12 Useful SEO Techniques Boost Organic Traffic

If you want your business to grow fast, having a robust digital presence is not an option but a necessity. From any start-up to a well-established brand, every entity uses SEO (search engine optimization) strategies with their content to rank high on search engines and increase visibility.

However, not all SEO content is considered good. There is content and SEO-optimized material capable of ranking high. However, the main challenge is finding the best SEO techniques and applying them.

Through this article, you can learn more about SEO tactics should integrate with your content creation to help your business’s digital presence.

1. Focus on Backlinks and Internal Links

Backlinks and internal links are the two most important aspects of SEO content. Backlinks are a crucial ranking factor. These are links generated by other websites to yours. High-quality backlinks can tell the Google algorithm that your content is expertise-based, trustworthy, and effective. However, a backlink from a suspicious site may ruin your website’s reputation, preventing you from ranking on top. 

On the other hand, internal links are essential to generate more organic traffic. It makes the Search Engine understand the relationship between different posts and pages. Using internal links to any other content on your website encourages the readers to check out more content, which, in return, can gather more people’s interest. 

2. Study Competitors’ Pages 

Studying the competitors’ pages being run successfully is the first and perhaps the most crucial thing when you intend to create the best SEO content. If you choose a particular brand to be your competitor based on the expertise and services you provide, then follow the successful pages of those competitors. Please find out the specific tactics that are working for them, the required changes they have made in the publication process of their content, and create some better content than them. 

You can also conduct organic research by using various available tools online. Using those tools, you can find lists of competitors for various URLs and information regarding those pages.

3. Find Broken Backlinks

Generating backlinks is essential for gaining more organic traffic. But, searching for the broken backlinks is another important aspect of creating good SEO content. Broken link refers to search links on various websites and recommend those to you. 

You can find out the broken backlinks of your competitors and use them for your benefit. This SEO strategy does not take much time to be implemented and provides the best results. 

4. Get Rid of Bad Links

Even though there are plenty of SEO optimization out there, links are beneficial for SEO content. Whether a backlink or an external link, it helps the content reach the top of the ranking list. However, not all the links are suitable for your website. They can sometimes negatively affect the organic traffic and reputation of the same. A website can contain multiple reasons for having toxic links. Some of them are as follows: 

  • If a website uses automated programs to create backlinks and does not try to find and generate the required links, it can create toxic links. 
  • Buying links can also be one of the reasons for getting toxic links. 
  • If you over-optimize links in signature or forum comments, it can create toxic links. 
  • Different links from bookmark site links or any bad-quality directory can create toxic links. 

So, find the toxic links on your website by using Backlink Audit and get rid of those to get your website ranked high. 

5. Observe Competitor’s Keyword Gap Analysis

Keywords are one of the most essential things that help you rank on the Search Engine. However, not all keywords are considered suitable for your web content. Keyword gap analysis refers to identifying the keywords that do not help a web content rank high. When your competitors use such keywords, analyze them because every gap offers more chances to get more traffic. Use any reliable keyword gap tool and find out the keywords your competitors use but do not get to rank high. 

6. Use Unlinked Brand Mentions Properly

Sometimes, various websites may mention your business website but do not attach any link to your website. It is famously known as unlinked brand mention. Turning the unlinked brand mentions into a link is one of the most famous techniques of web-based SEO ever. All you need to do is find those unlinked brand mentions using a media monitoring tool. 

7. Use ‘People Also Ask’ Section

One of the most user-friendly SEOs is based on what people can relate to. Whenever anyone wants to find some content on Google, they can get a ‘people also ask’ section. This section is mainly designed to store the queries asked by maximum visitors. This section not only helps to find the right keywords but also helps to find the next accurate topic for your content. So, analyze the ‘people also ask’ section to create relevant topics for your website. 

8. Don’t Forget Image Optimization

Image SEO is one of the best among them. Image SEO refers to optimizing images to generate more organic traffic to the web content. So, follow the required practices to optimize various images. For example, add alt texts and file descriptive names, compress images to improve a website’s speed, and use image-structured data. 

9. Use Most Suitable Keywords in Headers

Keywords are a way to determine the most relevant content depending on a topic. That is why using the right keywords matters the most. But using the keywords in the right place is equally important. There are several SEO Optimization processes, but using a keyword at the header is crucial. It helps the users and the Search Engine find content that satisfies the target intent. 

10. Provide Great UX

Offering a great user experience is another crucial aspect of an effective SEO strategy. If the UX is not good, it will ruin the entire web content ranking since users may leave the page a second after opening it. However, including relevant information at the beginning of the page, cleaning up the useless content, or not adding distracting images or fonts can provide a great user experience. 

11. Focus on Local SEO If Required

Focusing on local SEO may not be the requirement of every business. But it is a requirement if you have a start-up and your target audience is the local people. Usually, local SEOs use long-tailed keywords to be visible at the top. So, think about the services or products you offer and boost the visibility score of the content. 

12. Use Various Media Types

The right SEO Company for you always uses various techniques to get a SERP ranking. You can include various ebooks, GIFs, audio files, etc., The media files help to increase the dwelling time of the users, which, in return, provides the website with a better ranking. 


SEO for small businesses is very important. However, they can only generate more rank if the SEO techniques are used correctly. So, analyze your content and use the proper SEO techniques to be at the top of the search engine ranking pages.

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