3 ideas for being able to promote YouTube videos

3 ideas for being able to promote YouTube videos

One video-sharing website, YouTube, nevertheless dominates the online landscape despite the explosion of other social media platforms like TikTok.

With over 2.2 billion subscribers globally, YouTube is currently the second most viewed website on the internet where you can promote YouTube videos.

1. Select search engine friendly keywords

SEO should be your top priority if you want to promote YouTube videos. And a key component of SEO is figuring out what users want.

Nowadays, people also conduct searches on Google when browsing for videos instead of just going to YouTube. It’s crucial that you optimize your videos with Google-friendly keywords as a result of the fact that Google now prominently displays videos in search results for numerous inquiries.

To find Google-friendly keywords for any video, follow these steps:

To locate potential keywords, use tools like the Google Ads Keyword Planner. If you’re starting from scratch, you may also just use common sense. Identify 5–15 terms or phrases that people might use to describe your company or the services you offer.

Once you have your list, search for each keyword individually for being able to promote YouTube videos.

Examine each keyword’s search engine results page (SERP). Check to see if the top-ranking results are blogs or videos. You can get help from YouTube SEO for your keyword research.

Change your keyword and re-search it. If you’re having trouble locating terms with video results, try adding words like “How to” or “Tutorial.”

Find the keyword or phrases that prioritise videos by going through your list of keywords.

As opposed to “oil painting advice,” which sends browsers to a web page first, “oil painting lesson” displays video results first.

To identify well-liked keywords to promote YouTube videos, you can also use YouTube’s autocomplete function. Start by typing in a keyword or theme to see what titles YouTube comes up with.

2. Create succinct, informative video titles

Your video’s title appears at the top of YouTube search results for visitors. Furthermore, if your title doesn’t catch their attention, they’ll probably scroll right past your video.

To write compelling YouTube titles, consider the following advice:

Be succinct. Avoid using titles longer than 60 characters, as some of them may be truncated when shown.

Use keyword(s) associated with your brand in the first half of the title to avoid omitting important information.

Use a hashtag that is popular right now to promote YouTube videos or one you’ve already used elsewhere.

Avoid headlines that are clickbait-y.

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3. Make unique thumbnails

Pay close attention to your thumbnails because the human brain is trained to focus on pictures first. All videos on YouTube really have thumbnails created for them automatically, although they can not be very appealing. Create a unique thumbnail for each video you submit to enhance views.

The following are some general guidelines to remember when making a thumbnail:

Use straightforward language to explain your video which helps you to promote YouTube videos.

Keep your brand’s aesthetic constant. Keep your videos consistent in terms of style, typeface, and color scheme to make them easier to identify.

Use top-notch stock photographs if you don’t have unique artwork.

Dimensions: 1280 x 720 pixels (but you can use any 16:9 aspect ratio, as long as the width is at least 640 px)

Formats include.JPG,.PNG, and.GIF

Dimensions: The picture shouldn’t be larger than 2MB.

The thumbnail from Ariel Hamilton’s channel below serves as an illustration of a nice thumbnail.

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