5 Interesting Facts About Carrom Game You Didn’t Know

Carrom has been a popular indoor game in India for years. The game demands skills and strategies. Carrom board games online are more famous because you can play them without hassle. 

Moreover, there are perks associated with them. You can easily play it on your smart device without any physical equipment. Bringing back your childhood memories, here are five intriguing facts about a once-favorite favorite pastime you are probably unaware of.

  1. International Carrom Day

Carrom has always been a popular indoor game in India, and its online popularity is always high. However, it was mostly limited to being an indoor game played for relaxation rather than contests. 

Several carrom tournaments and competitions are held on domestic and international levels, although few people are aware of them. One of the lesser-known facts about the carrom board game online is that the 23rd of August is commemorated as International Carrom Day.

  1. Six Carrom Variations

Do you think that Carrom is played as per a few sets of rules you used while playing on the physical board? You will be surprised to know that Carrom has six different variations of rules and regulations, as set by the governing body of Carrom, popularly known as ICF, which don’t necessarily follow all the standard rules. The six-game variants are:

  • Total Point Carrom.
  • Duboo.
  • Family Point Carrom.
  • Point Carrom.
  • Tokyu-Ban.
  • Professional Carrom

These variants have some exciting histories and rules that players must follow. 

  1. Invented in India

Carrom is famous by different names across the world. For example, Karam, Carrum, Karom, Couronne, Carum, Couronne, Karum, Finger Billiards, Fatta. Even Indians do not know that the carrom board game was invented in India. The Indian Maharajas were responsible for the invention. They did it for entertainment purposes.

Some think the origin is in Sri Lanka. Although you will hardly any evidence to support this, the game’s roots lie in India or Asia. 

However, no formal rules were there in writing until 1988. It is played for fun and as a competition in different parts of the world. The International Carrom Federation organizes carrom competitions from time to time where global players can take part.

  1. Glass Surface Carrom Board Game

All of us are aware of what a carrom board usually looks like. The carrom board has a wooden surface with red and black lines, while the carrom coins are primarily black and white, but the queen is in red or pink. While asked what a carrom board usually looks like, this is how we would describe it. 

However, one of the exciting and lesser-known facts about the carrom board game is regarding the board’s surface. In a place known as Patiala in India, the carrom board surface consist of glass. This glass carrom board holds importance as it was famous among the Indian population after World War 1. Several state-level competitions were held on the glass carrom board Until the early 20th century.

  1. The Carrom Champions

Lastly, we know famous Indian cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, and Virat Kohli, but have you heard of the carrom champions in India? There are numerous spectacular Indian carrom players like Maria Irudayam, S. Ilavazhagi, Kajal Kumari, B. Radhakrishnan, B. Arokiaraj, A. Appa Rao, S. Dillu, and Suhas Kambil.

Two undoubtedly deserve special applause for their terrific performance and international recognition.  

One of them is Kajal Kumari, an Indian carrom player who represents India in International Carrom Championships. She made history in the 2018 Carrom World Cup, becoming the first-ever woman to win the combined Swiss League. These two carrom champs have made India proud of various events.

Maria Irudayam, the prominent Chennai-based carrom player, is a nine-time National Championship of India with two times World Championship. In 1996, he was recognized for his contributions to the carrom game and was awarded the prestigious Arjuna Award by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, the G.O.I. 

Conclusion: The Bottom Line

The Carrom Championships are held in different parts of the world. Go for the Carrom board game download and enjoy the online tournaments from PlayerzPot by playing against real opponents. The games here are fast-paced, and you can stand a chance of earning real cash prizes.

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