6 Beginner Tips For Little Witch Nobeta

Little Witch Nobeta makes it hard to kill enemies and stay alive. Learn the best ways to play the game to help you get through it.

As you try to find the throne, it can be hard to explore a castle and fight enemies at the same time. But Little Witch Nobeta can be hard to get around because you have to find magic, fight monsters, and figure out which ways to take. So, if you want to win the game, you’ll need to find the best tips.

As a Souls-like game, it can be a painful experience that ends in a game over when you least expect it. But you can make things easier on yourself, so see what you can do to reach more bosses and see what the game has to offer.

Managing And Utilizing Your Stamina

In addition to health and mana, you also have an energy metre that you need to use to do well. It can help you get through the house and find the throne in more than one way.

ActionWhat It DoesHow To Use ItWhen You Shouldn’t Use It
SprintingIt lets you go from a walk to a run, saving you a lot of time by making you move more than twice as fast.Use it to get to different places faster or to save time while platforming.If there are enemies nearby, don’t use it. You need to save your Stamina for doing things like Dodge Rolls.
Running JumpsYou can jump while you’re running, which lets you jump farther than you could if you weren’t running.Use this every time you’re platforming. If you don’t, you won’t be able to get to the ledge. It makes a big difference and makes it easier to jump.
Dodge RollsYou roll, which lets you avoid hits while using frames that make you invulnerable.Save it for times when you can’t get away from the enemy. Wait for their attack, then use it just before it hits you to avoid getting hurt. You won’t get immunity if you press it right when it gets to you.Most of the time, you don’t need it unless there are enemies nearby. You also can’t roll in the air, so make sure you’re on the ground before you try to avoid an attack.

If you don’t use your Stamina, it comes back quickly, so try to use it as little as possible. Don’t let it run out, because that will make it take longer to fill up.

Explore And Look Around

Even though there are certain ways to get to the boss and keep going in the game, you should still look around the house. This will help you in more than one way.

The BenefitWhat It Does For You
Finding LeversYou can open paths back to places you’ve already been, which saves time if you want to find something else.
Locating Treasure ChestsTreasure chests can have things you can use, things you can collect, and even magic level-ups that make your skills stronger.
Finding ConsumablesYou can use them to heal, get more power, and even make your defence stronger.

Also, you should break all the pots and other things that can be broken in the area. Many of them have healing things that you can use over and over again.

Most of the checkpoints in this game have pots or boxes near them, so look there if you lose and are out of things.

Prioritizing Your Consumables

When it comes to consumables, you should learn which ones are most important as you fight enemies and go through battles. Since you can only take four at once, you have to figure out which ones are most important and put them in order of importance.

  • Healing Items: These heal a set amount of health. You should put these things at the top of your list, since they heal you as soon as they go off.
  • Mana Items: Items are the same as healing items, but they boost your energy instead. They’re nice, but if you keep improving your mana regeneration, they won’t mean as much.
  • Stat Boost Items: With stat-boosting items, you can briefly boost your defence and other stats that are similar. Save them for boss fights to take less damage and help you stay alive.
  • Area Items: These can heal you or give you mana, but only if you stay in the area you put down. Since you fight in the same area, you should save them for boss fights.
  • Healing Items With Corruption: They work the same way as healing and water items, but they also make you corrupted.

In general, you should try to avoid things that have corruption as much as possible. They’ll make it so you keep less soul essence when you die. Even if you just died or have great stats, you may not have to worry about rot. However, you will probably still need the soul essence.

On the other hand, if you keep dying to the boss, you might not mind using corrupted things. Think about your situation before making a choice.

Listen To The Music And Look Ahead

Even as you fight enemies in each place, the music stays the same. You won’t notice much of a change until you move to a new load zone and area, but you will know when the music stops playing. When you get close to an important part of the game, the music stops. This tells you to get ready for a cutscene and maybe even a boss fight.

With this in mind, you should wait before getting close to a time when there is no music. You can either look around for things that might help you fight a boss or wait for your health, mana, and stamina to come back. You don’t want to go into war with low health, so wait to give yourself the best chance to win and stay alive.

Your health and mana will slowly come back to you over time. You can leave the game alone until you’re fully healed if you know there are no enemies nearby.

Attack In The Air For Movement, Not Combat

You can hit with a staff while you’re in the air, but you don’t want to use them in battle. Your physical strikes won’t do much damage to the enemy, but adding magic to them can make a difference.

But you can move farther in the air if you use physical attacks while you’re up there. So, if you want to make difficult moves, you should do these things.

  • Start by running as fast as you can towards where you want to jump.
  • Do a jump, then a wind double-jump while you’re still running.
  • Attack once to get a little farther. Do a second blow if you need to get even farther away.

Because the strikes stop you in the air, you can move just far enough to get to the platform. You can not only make jumps easier, but you can also get to places you couldn’t before.

You can also use it right before you hit the ground to keep yourself from tripping. If you fall from a high place, you usually go into a fall animation where it takes a while to get up.

But if you attack just before you hit the ground, you’ll land on your feet and get up quickly. This is more important because you can fall near enemies, and if you don’t get up quickly enough, they’ll attack you.

If you don’t hit at the right time, you can use your second move further down.Point your camera down to see how long it will take you to hit the ground. If that doesn’t work, enemies may hit you, but if you have stamina, you can dodge out of the animation.

Get The Camera To Max Distance

Basket Random game doesn’t say how far away the camera is, but you can change it in the settings. At first, it will be over your shoulder, but if you zoom out, you’ll get a lot out of it.

  • You can see more enemies.
  • You’ll see where bullets from off-screen come from.
  • You can change how far away you can see, which will help you find different things and supplies.

Keeping the camera close has no benefits, so change this setting right away and get used to it. Just go to the camera and set it to “5”, which is the maximum distance. At first, it might not seem important, but as you fight more monsters and move further into the game, you’ll see why it’s important.

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