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6 Questions Parents Should Ask Before Choosing A CBSE School

School is the building block of an individual’s life. For your kids, choose a perfect school. It is crucial to look for a promising curriculum plan, state-of-the-art amenities, and many other factors that make a school the best. Most parents prefer a CBSE school over other options due to its universal recognition and holistic development approach.

Parents prefer the CBSE schools right from the preschool stage, ensuring their children can continue their educational journey at the same institute. 

The journey to find the best school begins with understanding your child’s requirements. 

Once you have the right choice, get the pre school admission form and start with the enrolment process. It might sound like a piece of cake, but you would have to spend a lot of time and effort on it. 

6 Questions to ask before choosing a school

To help every parent make the right decision and choose the best CBSE school for their child, we have listed the questions they should be asking. 

What is the Vision of the School?

Your vision of your child’s future must sync with how the school plans to educate and raise students. Ask the counsellors if they believe in emphasising more academics or if they give equal weightage to sports and co-curricular activities. Know that a holistic growth vision is the need of the hour, and the school you choose should abide by that.

What teaching methodology does the school follow?

As the awareness about quality education increased, different teaching methodologies got introduced. For example, you can find classroom learning, where educators keep children under strict discipline, and you have Montessori, where the child learns through fun activities. Ensure that you ask the school about the methodology that they follow before you fill out the pre school admission form

What are the qualifications and Experience level of the Staff?

The educators who will teach or interact with your child should be qualified enough to train children of young age well. You can ask for their qualifications and experience level to rest assured that your child is in safe hands. This information is generally available in school brochures, but you can also ask the admission counsellors about it. 

How about the Co-Curricular Activities?

Remember to ask and learn every little detail about the co-curricular activities that the school arranges for students. For example, ask what sports your child would get to play and if they will indulge in fine arts and other aspects of learning that can boost their growth. Then, plan a visit to your preferred school, and take a virtual tour to ensure they have every arrangement for productive co-curricular activities. 

What is the Fee Structure?

The next important question you should ask is about the fee structure. Again, ask the school authorities to share a detailed breakdown of the fee they charge, not leaving any scope for future disappointments. Moreover, this information will help you decide if you can afford the school or would have to look for other options. 

How do you involve Parents in learning?

Lastly, you should be aware of how frequently you would be expected to be a part of your child’s learning process. Though the active participation of a parent is inevitable, you can easily plan your schedule if you have prior information. 

These simple questions would help you clarify the different school options you have. Use this information to compare your preferred school options, and you can narrow your research to one school that would be right for your child. Then, ask as many queries as you have from the admission counsellors and make a fair decision to protect your child’s future.

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