7 facts you never knew about printing custom mascara boxes

Is your business one that sells cosmetic products like mascara? If so, you will know that it can be tough standing out in this market because the competition is much. There are many established brands here as well who have loyal customers that buy from them. However, it is not impossible to attract people to want to buy the mascara you are selling. You will need to have a good-quality product that people will want to buy. To draw the eyes of shoppers to it, design custom mascara boxes so that they stand out and attract shoppers to them.

The following are 7 points to know about printing on mascara boxes:

Choose the correct packaging material

Look for packaging material that is customizable allowing you to print easily and cheaply on it. You should be able to choose different types of printing methods to make the box look unique. Choose packaging material that allows lithography, flexography, digital printing, etc., be possible on it easily.

Some packaging materials which can help you out here include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft. They help brands get unique packaging that they can print on according to the needs of the product and what the customer wants. These packaging materials can even protect the mascara therefore they are good options for mascara packaging.

Correct size box

If you print on the box effectively, but it is the wrong size, it will probably not give a good impression. The size should limit movement of the mascara product so that no harm occurs to it. Large boxes do not help brands out because they cost more and their transportation expenses are more even. Small ones may harm the product as well because they may be tough to open.

You should measure the mascara container so that you can make the right size mascara packaging boxes. The boxes that are the right size can give customers a good experience.

Print to attract people looking for mascara

You should print the packaging in a way that the consumer base for the mascara can notice the box and want to buy the product. You will have to find out who your potential consumer base is which can help you make packaging that will allure them to want to try out the mascara.

You can get ideas from the competition but do not copy them. If your consumer base is mostly adult ladies who want decent mascara, the packaging must even look decent and professional. If you are selling funky mascara for teenagers, the custom mascara boxes can look trendy and modern.

Add a brand logo

Print your brand logo on mascara boxes because this will help increase brand awareness. The logo can aid people in recognizing which products your business is selling and can also help shoppers know that you are a brand.

To further help increase brand awareness, add the contact details of your company on packaging like its address, phone number, social media links, etc. When you print these details on packaging, they help people know about your company.

Choose attractive colors

You must select pretty and attractive colors to include on mascara packaging as these can help the box look more amazing. If you want to get an idea of what colors signify, look at color psychology.

Select a good color scheme which will give the image you want to give of your business. For example if you want to give the image that you sell elegant cosmetic products that are expensive, you can include the color black or purple on packaging as this signifies this.

Select right images

You may want to print images on mascara packaging boxes so that they look more amazing. You should choose those which connect to the mascara so that they can help people know that you are selling mascara.

For instance you can include a beautiful image of an eye that has the mascara on its long eyelashes. It may be better to avoid including too many images as this can result in confusion.

Details about mascara

On mascara boxes you should print the information about the mascara helping people know about it. This can convince shoppers to think about buying it if they know what it is. But you have to make sure you only include the important points so that no confusion occurs.

For example you can tell what the product is, what it contains, its expiry date, how to store, warnings, etc. Include the information in a font that attracts and which people will want to read. The words should be simple ones.

Custom mascara boxes are an important part of the mascara product and you should print them carefully. They will then be able to give a good impression of your business encouraging more people to want to buy from it.

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