8 Strategies to Generate Topic Ideas for Content Marketing

8 Strategies to Generate Topic Ideas for Content Marketing

If you are in content marketing, you might bang your head half the time to come up with new content ideas. Even then, many times, you come up with nothing! This creative block is pretty common among marketers. They always need to think out of the box, and finding new ideas all the time certainly drains their creative juices. philosophy assignment help But if succumbing to a creative block is part of the process, it should also have a solution.

Experienced marketers usually have quite a few go-to strategies for such times when they run out of imagination. So, we put together eight such strategies that can help any content marketer to get topic ideas –

  1. Build on the Basics

The process of generating content ideas trickles down from the basics, i.e., product and service. So, sometimes if you seek inspiration, consider creating content about these two fundamentals. We often look for answers to even the most obvious about the products and services. For example, asking yourself three questions can inspire you to find new ideas –

  • What is the primary reason people use your products or services?
  • What are the most common questions the customers ask you?
  • What are the uncommon uses of your products or services?

If you don’t have all these answers, you can take the help of some marketing research techniques to gather information about your audience. The information you will get from these research methods can help you get ideas to create new content.

  • Take Inspiration from Others

Sometimes when you seem like you are hitting walls, taking inspiration from other publications can be a way to overcome your creative block. As a professional, you must have read a number of blogs and articles that left an impact on you. You can start emulating those ideas.

You can take inspiration since these ideas have certainly worked for other companies in the past. However, you should never copy those ideas. Instead, try to better those ideas. There are certain techniques, like the “skyscraper technique,” that content writers use to better the existing content. Here are some techniques that you can use to make your content better –

  • Make it longer. If the existing content showed fifty ways to help the audience, you could write about a hundred ways to help the audience.
  • Make it look better. You can add extra infographics, images, or video clips to attract more traffic. Visual aids certainly help to increase the visibility of any content.
  • Make it up-to-date. You can feel inspired by a content from 2015. But the data of that article won’t be relevant in 2023. You can update the existing content with recent and better data.
  • Make it detailed. If the content gave you ten bullet points, add a brief description to all these bulleted points read more .. Price Trends
  • Repurpose Old Content

Content marketers always look for ways to gain the most mileage from their work. Businesses have limited resources and time. So, repurposing the content helps them reach a wider audience across channels.

Sometimes, certain content can get viral and connects well with the audience. You cannot just publish them once and be content. Understanding the market trend, you can republish the same content multiple times. This has three benefits –

  • Many new customers get to see it.
  • It jogs up the memory and increases brand positioning in the mind of the old customers.
  • You save time as you don’t have to come up with new content every time.

Brainstorm with your team to understand the ideal contents to republish. Work on them to make them more relevant before the final publishing.

  • Listen to Your Customers

If you are unable to come up with ideas for new content, listen to your customers. Existing customers always write about various challenges and scopes of improvement on the website. You can find many queries on online communities like Quora or Reddit.

If you browse these options, you will get a detailed idea of what your customers want. You can create content accordingly and publish them. This strategy works every time because you can connect with the readers. You offer them solutions through these contents, which also improves traffic engagement.

  • Ask the Subscribers

When you are out of ideas, ask your subscribers to help you out. You can make short video content asking the subscribers to let you know what they want to know about. These people are already your subscribers. So, their response will also show how many people are interested in your content.

You can also make it more close-ended by asking them to vote on either of the two options. It can be a survey-type questionnaire or single question poll. Record these responses, and use the data to create content for your website.

  • Use Social Media Polls

Most companies have an online presence nowadays. They are equally active on Facebook or Twitter and have a large number of followers. If you need ideas, simply put them out as a question in a poll. You can even add “funny” answer options to make them more innovative and attractive to the audience.

Depending on your product or service, you can determine the formality of the polls. These polls are usually a great source of first-hand customer response data. So, the marketing team can brainstorm on these responses and come up with new content.

  • Listen to Your Competitors

Your audience is certainly a very reliable source to help you generate more content ideas. However, they are other options to explore too. Try to find out what your competitors are trying to say. Listen to the online communities, where several people discuss the pros and cons of all the companies. You can also look into the FAQ section of relevant B2B and B2C companies. Many people post questions on these portals, which can give you a fair idea about what your rivals are doing. Their queries can help you get fresh perspectives, and you can create content topics that the audience will surely love.

  • Take Ideas from Sub-reddits

Reddit is considered to be a goldmine by marketers. It has a vast online community where they speak about anything under the sun. You can follow certain subreddits, where you can find exciting threads on your relevant subject. People post not only formal discussions on Reddit but also memes, links, and questions. Depending on your business topic, you may stumble upon megathreads. You can find unique questions and comments in these megathreads that you won’t find in any individual posts. This myriad of ideas opens several doors before you to generate topics for content marketing.

Summing Up:

It is natural if sometimes you don’t get ideas to make content. However, stopping at such hurdles is never an option. You can check out these eight strategies that can help you generate innovative marketing topics even when you are in a slump.

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