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A Detailed Guide to Make Retail Boxes for Small Electronic Products

Many times, small electronic gadgets are sold in vacuum-sealed plastic bags. This packaging is not sufficient to market the product well and sell more units most of the time. So, it becomes necessary to use a suitable retail box that enhances the look of the product and makes people want to buy it immediately without giving them a chance to think if they need such an expensive gadget or not.

If you’re selling your products on eBay, such custom retail packaging boxes also become essential as they make your items stand out from others and attract more customers towards yourself. So here I’m going to show how simple it is to make these boxes for your products:

Electronic Products Overview:

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Before you begin, keep these things in your mind:

These retail boxes are designed for small devices only. The total dimensions of the box must not exceed 5 inches wide and 3-1/2 inches deep. Make sure that you’re using a paper cutter to cut different cardboard parts as exact as possible.

All measurements shown here have been done on A4 size sheets of paper to make it easy for almost all people throughout the world to measure and cut them properly. An 8 x 11 inches sheet is used in the USA, whereas A4 is used in the rest of the countries, including India, Asia, Australia, etc.


Take an already made product in your hand and measure it’s all dimensions to make a perfect size box by it.

For example, if you have a wristwatch that is 2 inches wide and 3 inches deep, this would be the exact size of the box because dimensions must remain the same as that of the product.


Prepare a sheet of A4 paper or 8 x 11 inches one if you’re from the USA. Make sure that the longer side runs from top to bottom. Mark all four corners at 60 degrees angle, just like shown in the pictures below. This will be used later on, so we must take care of this point.

Cut along diagonals shown in the green color picture above so that to remove extra lines automatically while cutting other parts from cardboard boxes.


Now you are ready to draw the base outline of the box. Draw a rectangle on top of the cardboard sheet using a pencil, as shown below. It should be drawn at least half-inch or 1 cm away from all sides. You will need some space for folding later on!


After drawing the first side, circle out another one keeping in mind that this is where the side will end up after folding.

Draw a diagonal cross line, mark center points of these sides, and then connect them as shown in red color lines drawn on the picture above. Then cut along these lines only, don’t cut it across also but leave it intact so that it creates a U shape when folded on. That’s how your earplugs box will look like after folding it.


To make the backside of the box, cut two pieces out of a cardboard sheet (you can use one piece and fold it in half). Draw a line on the lower portion, as shown in the picture below. This is where your accessory box would go, so you have to leave space for this to be able to fit properly. Keep the depth at least twice deeper than what you put inside it, or else your accessory box would just fall off when push to its corner! So, measure carefully before drawing this line!

The extra flap goes underneath these two sides. Make sure that you draw them thicker compared to other flaps because they are sturdy!!! Build some muscles, honey 😉

Step 6:

Fold all flaps! Make sure that your flaps are not pointing upward but instead pushing down. Look at this diagram below to see how the folds should face after closing them. When finished, it will look like a box (hurray!).

You can now put some stuff inside it and push it into the accessory box slot! 🙂 There you go! A great way to make packaging for small electronic products at home! I hope this tutorial helps you make retail boxes for your small business or company. Cheers!!! 😀 For more tips on making retail boxes.

Retail Packaging Tips 

Never Compromise on Quality

Quality is the number one factor that will entice a customer to buy your product. Do not sell yourself short by going for cheaper prices at the cost of compromising on the quality of your packaging design. The first thing your customers will see when they pick up your products from a store shelf is their packaging, so make sure you do it right!

Packaging Adds Value

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling pens or luxury items. Packaging should add value to your product. If it does not increase its marketability and perceived value in a customer’s eyes, then it has failed as a marketing tool and should be altered accordingly.

Don’t Make Packaging Too Complicated

Overly complicated designs for packaging sometimes end up backfiring because the customers are unable to figure out how to open the packaging. Your product should look not only good but also be easy to access!

Package Conventions

There are ways to put all different kinds of things in the boxes. They make the process easier when you are making a box for your product. Use them when you are making an electronic box. You can get these boxes from a custom printing company as per your needs.

I hope you have got enough information on how to manufacture Retail Boxes for Small Electronic Products. Good Luck!

Final Thoughts

In this article, I have provided a detailed guide to making retail boxes for small electronic products. These are some of the best practices I have researched and used to date. If you like this article please share it with others as well as your friends and colleagues.

Please feel free to drop a comment if there is anything you would like to add or ask about. I will be more than happy to help out in knowing about these boxes.

I hope you have got enough information on how to manufacture Retail Boxes for Small Electronic Products. Good Luck!

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