A Study of Custom Hairspray Boxes: Packaging Design and Material Choices

Cosmetic products like hairspray are popular with many companies selling them. When one goes to a store to buy hairspray, they will see that many companies are selling this product. It can be tough for a brand to compete in this competitive environment. This is why it is important to concentrate on all parts of the product including its packaging so that everything can be perfect. Custom hairspray boxes are a necessary part of the hairspray and you must design them properly. The packaging design should stand out to your consumer base. The materials you choose to make the box from should be strong.

The following tells you all about hairspray boxes when looking at their packaging design and material choices:

Design must attract target audience

The design of the packaging should be noticeable to your consumer base so that they can notice the product and think about buying it. You need to try and design the box knowing what these people will be drawn to.

Find out the age range, gender, geographical location, of the consumer base looking for the hairspray that your company is selling so that you can make hairspray packaging that will attract them.

If you are trying to attract teenagers you can create a fun looking and modern box. If the hairspray is from a high-class brand, the packaging should appear decent.

Add a brand logo

The packaging can help market your brand when you add your company’s logo on the box. You can help shoppers know about your company and the products it sells. You must add your company logo on all your boxes so that people can notice your products.

It is helpful to even include other information about your company on the box like its phone number, physical address, website, etc. Hairspray packaging boxes with these details can help make it easier for customers to reach you.

Information about hairspray

Shoppers need to know about the hairspray before they can think about buying it. It is tough to always have a salesperson doing this for you. When you design informative custom hairspray boxes, you will be providing the details about this product to your potential customers. This can let them have more confidence in getting the product when they know about it.

You can tell the purpose of the hairspray, it may be a hair thickening one for instance, tell what it contains, any warnings it has, etc. You must only include important information because extra details can annoy the shopper and even confuse them.

The font you choose is important as well. The words must be simple to understand. You can choose a font that looks interesting so that people want to read it.

Colors to include on the box

Colors are an important part of hairspray boxes as they can let you get an attractive looking box. You should choose colors after looking at color psychology so that you can understand what different colors signify.

For example if you want to show that your brand and product are pure, you can choose white. Brands that are giving the impression of elegance can choose black to add on the box.

Strong packaging material for packaging

There are many different packaging materials but you must choose the ones best for the product. The packaging material should be strong so that the hairspray product will stay safe and secure in it. Customers want to get it without any harm occurring to it.

You can make hairspray packaging from cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft if you want to get a strong box for the hairspray. These are popular packaging materials because they help companies get sturdy packaging.

You will be able to customize the box as well. Therefore it can be the right size and shape. Avoid getting large boxes in which the product can move. Also avoid really small ones that may be difficult to open. The box should be the perfect size leaving the right amount of space inside the box for the product to stay in comfortably.

Eco-friendly packaging material

Nowadays you need to choose green hairspray packaging boxes that are recyclable, reusable, renewable, and/or biodegradable. These will not help in causing more pollution. When a brand does packaging carelessly, it harms the environment therefore many people look for companies that have environmentally-friendly packaging. It is possible to create amazing custom hairspray boxes which will help market your product positively. This is when you opt for strong packaging which will protect the hairspray. You must even concentrate on making the most perfect box that is the right size and shape. Design the box in a way that it can stand out in front of the crowd. This can help make people notice your packaging and some may end up buying your product.

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