Art and Its Impact on Society

Art can be defined in simpler terms as a mode of expression of human imaginative skills and capabilities into real images. However, art is an abstract process so the definition can be subjective and thus can vary. It may vary from culture to culture based on their traditions and values. 

As culture is something that is shared among people through music, arts, dance, literature, sculpture, etc. Therefore, it can be said that art is a part of culture. Art is so powerful as it helps bring different cultures and people of different societies together. There are a lot of benefits that art has left over the years in different societies. Through art, you can motivate people to bring change. To learn more about impacts, keep reading.

1. Art and Economy

Art is a medium to boost the economy of many countries. With this medium, the creative industries try to keep the economic side afloat and help generate millions of dollars annually. Art galleries are the places where people visit and enjoy the art. Art galleries are also used to run for collection of funds and donations similar to museums. The tourism industry is linked to culture. Tourists are usually fascinated to see the culture of a new country. Therefore they attend cultural festivals and art shows and spend quite a good amount of money on it.

2. Art as a Life Changer

Arts also help bring many good changes in life and society as a whole. Sometimes the money earned through these artworks is spent on good causes. For example, the documentary film “Waste Land” which is about the world’s largest landfills and their collaboration with a lively group of catadores of recyclable materials was a success. Even the money earned through selling and awards was later given to catadores for making their community lives better. 

3. Art as a Therapy

Art can also serve as a mode of therapy. It helps in the healing of the mind and body. It plays a huge role in realizing self-knowledge and one’s well-being. Through the arts, people share their feelings. Art is filled with emotions. Dances, music, drama crafts, etc are mediums through which we can bring different issues of society into the limelight. LOTR Fine Art, is for people who have love for the characters of Lord of the Rings. With these characters’ images by their side, people feel motivated and try to align with their favorite character traits. Through art adults and even children depict their motions and boost their self-esteem. 

4. Art is Communicative

People from different ethnicities, countries, and cultures communicate with each other and portray their traditions. Art is the best way to create a soft image of any society in the world. We have seen in historical times how art was used to bring revolutions in different countries around the world. Art is also seen as a method to bring social changes as from time to time governments have used art in the form of drama, films, and documentaries to create a public opinion.

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