Desert Safari Dubai Deals

Avail Many Exciting Activities with Desert Safari Dubai Deals

Desert safari is one of the best adventure tours in Dubai. It offers many exciting activities, including camel riding and sandboarding. It also features delicious traditional food and henna tattoos.

Whether you want to see the perfect sunrise or an elegant sunset, you can do it on any Desert Safari Dubai Deals. You can even enjoy a barbecue dinner and watch belly dancing shows at the camp.

Morning Desert Safari

A morning desert safari is perfect for people who want to avoid the crowds. You’ll be picked up from your hotel in a 4WD vehicle, and then taken to the desert. You’ll spend the next few hours basking in the dunes and riding a camel. You’ll also have the chance to try sand boarding, which is similar to snowboarding. You can get a henna tattoo, which is a temporary body art that lasts for a few weeks.

You’ll be able to enjoy a range of activities at a Bedouin-style desert camp, including falcon flying and traditional folk dancing. Many tours also offer sand boarding, which is a fun activity where you slide down the sand dunes. You’ll also be able to take pictures of the beautiful desert scenery.

Some tours even include food and drinks as part of the experience. You’ll be able to eat picnic breakfasts on the golden sands as you watch the sun rise over the horizon. Alternatively, you can opt for a more luxurious experience and enjoy a delicious buffet at the desert camp. There are also plenty of souvenirs to purchase, like rugs, jewellery, and other memorabilia. If you want to save money, booking your tickets online is a good option. You’ll get great discounts and you can avoid the queues at the ticket booths by purchasing them in advance.

Evening Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari Dubai Deals is a perfect option for people who prefer a less adventurous experience than the morning one. You can enjoy a variety of activities, including quad biking, sand boarding, and camel riding. This tour is also perfect for families who want to make memories together.

Most evening desert safaris start with pickup from your hotel or another location in Dubai. After that, you’ll travel to the Arabian Desert, where you’ll get a chance to enjoy the beauty of the sunset and take pictures. Then, you’ll go for a thrilling dune bashing ride in a 4×4 vehicle. This is a must-do for anyone who’s looking for some thrills and adventure.

Once you’ve finished dune bashing, you’ll head to the Bedouin camp and enjoy other activities. You can try to become a local by riding a camel, get yourself henna hand painting or fun tattoos, and even smoke some flavorful shisha. In addition to these, you’ll also be entertained with performances by belly and tanoura dancers.

You can choose from different packages for the evening desert safari, depending on your preferences and budget. Some of them include a wide range of activities, while others are more focused on the experiences themselves. Regardless of your choice, an evening desert safari will leave you with a lifetime memory. You can also book your tickets online to save time and money.

Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai Deals is an amazing experience where you get the chance to sleep under a mesmerizing night sky. It is a unique way to witness the beauty of the Arabian desert as it sets. Guests are picked up from their hotel in Dubai and taken to the Lahbab desert. Here they take part in a series of exciting sand activities, including dune bashing and camel riding. They also enjoy a barbecue dinner and traditional dance shows.

Those who wish to stay overnight can do so in a tent provided by the tour company. These are usually large and comfortable and come equipped with beds, cushions, and a blanket. The morning comes with a delicious breakfast before the tourists are driven back to their hotels.

While a lot of people are interested in dune bashing, others prefer to trek across the sand on the back of a camel. This is what the Overnight Camel Safari Dubai deal offers. The tour includes everything that the evening Desert Safari Dubai Deals does and then some. Some of the other inclusions are Henna Tattooing, Unlimited Refreshments, Falcon Experience, and a BBQ Buffet Dinner.

Guests who choose this tour should wear light clothing, especially as the temperature starts to drop once the sun goes down. It is a good idea to bring sunscreen and sunglasses. They should also wear flip flops, as shoes can collect sand and make walking uncomfortable.


If you are an adventure-seeker who loves to camp out in the wilderness, this desert safari is perfect for you. Unlike other desert tours, this one lasts overnight and lets you enjoy all the thrilling sand activities. Besides, you can sleep in your own private tent, which is included in the price of the tour. This is the best way to experience a desert in all its glory. Book your trip at HolidayDesertSafari.

A typical camping desert safari starts before sunrise and takes you to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, where you can spot wildlife like Arabian gazelles or large antelope species. You’ll then get to ride a hot air balloon, which is an incredible experience. Once you’re back on the ground, you’ll go on a camel ride and take in the sunset. After that, you’ll go to a sand camp and enjoy a barbecue dinner and entertainment.

It’s a good idea to wear light clothing when you’re going on a desert safari, as the temperature can drop quite a bit once the sun goes down. You should also bring layers that you can add or remove depending on the weather. Additionally, it’s important to have some water on hand as you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors. Lastly, don’t forget to take plenty of photos of the beautiful landscape!

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