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Best YouTube Promotion To Your YouTube Content On Your Own Site

Your website is where your community gathers, so you should provide them with a variety of information and let them know about everything you do online, including the YouTube videos you upload for best YouTube promotion. Here are a few crucial actions you should do to promote and advertise your YouTube video on your own website.

1. Promote your website rather than your YouTube channel

Instead of pushing your YouTube page now that you have a landing page on your own website with your video on it, think about putting time, money, and effort into advertising it for best YouTube promotion .

I have a couple strong justifications for it:

  • Anytime someone clicks the direct YouTube video link, the video will start playing automatically. YouTube is known to favor “deep views,” which are those who watch more of the video than the beginning, so those accidental auto-plays may actually send the wrong signals to YouTube. This may add noise to your YouTube video analytics.
  • All of your previous links and shares will become obsolete if you ever wish to update your video because you’ll need to submit it to a new URL for best YouTube promotion. You will be able to change the embed code without changing the URL you are using if you concentrate on promoting your own page.

With just one mouse click, you can easily promote your own page across a variety of channels with Content Cal.

You may also diversify your social media channels while advertising the same asset by turning your video into several content formats using content repackaging strategies. For instance, you may convert any video into a GIF using this free tool:

2. Increase On-Site Video Viewers’ Engagement

As an illustration, you can use Alter to encourage visitors to stay on the website and follow your conversion channel.

To engage your video viewers with your Site to Promote YouTube Video, Alter employs artificial intelligence to generate content recommendations and exit-intent popups.

Based on the video content that each on-site video is engaged with, you can create unique conversion routes. With Finteza, you can establish on-site marketing campaigns and conversion targets based on actual events that have taken place.


In virtually every niche, keeping an active YouTube channel is a good idea. However, don’t stop there. Don’t forget the basics: The focal point of your video marketing must be your website. You may use self-hosted video content if you want even more control.

Then you can diversify.

Using IGTV and Story Ads, the Facebook Advertising platform, advertising your video on Twitter, and more are further suggestions.

You’ll see more varied results as you work more, and you’ll be able to engage more various audiences as well. Good fortune!

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