Buy Plants Online Of Spathiphyllum: The Plant Of Peace And Air

The Spathiphyllum, also known as the Espatifilo or Cradle of Moses, is an indoor plant native to tropical America. It is elegant and showy and its white flowers, in contrast to its bright green foliage, make it a perfect decorative element for any corner of your home. Buy plants online and bring life and peace to your home!

Spathiphyllum As Natural Filter

The Spathiphyllum is also known, in the Netherlands, as the Peace Lily. This is due to its particular ability to act as a filter for polluting agents that are usually in the air: NASA studies have verified this. Greenpeace brought to light a fact that is as curious as it is worrying: in a large percentage of European homes, dust contains between 70 and 100 toxic chemicals, all of them different from one another. The Spathiphyllum eliminates a large part of these substances, and specifically, it is especially effective with xylene or toluene, as well as with traces of alcohol, acetone, and benzene. It has been rightly called the plant of peace and air!

It is a plant that, although it is maintained throughout the year, with the necessary care, belongs to the month of August, when it reaches its peak.

Care And Risks Of Spathiphyllum

This care does not have to be excessive. Having the earth humid, which does not dry out, is enough. The water that we use for this should not be too cold, nor too hot: medium warmth is what it is. As is natural and we have already learned over time here, speaking of other plants and flowers, in winter you have to water less. This is normal.

Irrigation and this is important, must be done by spraying, in the event that we have our spat while in a room where the air is dry, that is, where we have heating. If not, we can put our pot in a bowl with wet pebbles or pebbles, which will give it the humid air that the squirrel needs around it. The flowers must not get wet, and this, dear friends, must also be taken into account

During the flowering season, it must be fertilized approximately every 20 days. This time coincides with the month of August, as we have said before. Once this period is over, the substrate must be allowed to dry a little: just until our squirrel becomes straight. In winter, however, the temperature to which we expose it must not drop below 15 degrees. It grows a lot, so it has to be moved to larger pots, and it is convenient to transplant it in spring. Duckbills do not like cold drafts or sudden changes in temperature.  We advise you to avoid this, if you want your natural air freshener and filter to shine in its fullness.

Location Of Spathiphyllum

Although it adapts to interiors with little light, given its character as an aquatic or tropical plant, it is advisable, during its flowering, to place it in a well-luminous place, although, be careful with this, it is better not to get direct sun, since its leaves will wither. You have to think that the squirrel is native to jungle environments where the sun did not hit directly, under the thick foliage of the jungle.

You can use it if you have indoor ponds: they are highly recommended for this type of decorative pool, due to their appearance and greenery, as well as their freshness. Its natural enemies are the red spider, the aphid, or the white fly, as well as some parasitic fungi that attack the roots when we water them more than necessary. Taking care of these aspects, which will not take us long, we will always have a spathiphyllum at its peak, decorating and above all, giving hygiene and health to our family environment. 

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