Buying YouTube Views Vs. Organic Growth
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Buying YouTube Views Vs. Organic Growth: A Comparative Study

The internet, with its myriad platforms for content creation and sharing, is a vast landscape. At its heart lies YouTube, a hub for videos of all sorts, hosting everything from amateur vlogs to professional productions. Understanding the dynamics of this platform, especially the dichotomy between buying YouTube views and organic growth, is crucial for anyone looking to succeed in this space.

The Landscape of YouTube

Understanding YouTube’s Algorithm

YouTube, like other social media platforms, operates on a complex algorithm. This invisible mechanism underpins everything on the site, deciding which videos are recommended, which get more visibility, and ultimately, which succeed. In essence, it’s all about engagement – the more a video is viewed, liked, shared, or commented on, the better it performs.

The Importance of Views

In the YouTube world, views matter—a lot. They’re the currency that drives a video’s visibility and its standing in the algorithm’s eyes. The more views a video gets, the more likely it is to appear in recommendations, increasing its potential reach exponentially.

Buying YouTube Views

The Process of Buying Views

Buying views is a method employed by some channels to boost their view counts artificially. It typically involves paying a third-party service to deliver a set number of views. These views, however, aren’t from genuinely interested viewers but are often generated from click farms or bots.

Pros and Cons

Buying views can offer a quick boost in numbers and might even help a video gain some initial traction. However, these views lack meaningful engagement, don’t lead to subscriber growth, and could potentially harm a channel’s reputation. Worse still, if YouTube’s algorithm detects these artificial views, it could lead to penalties, including video removal or channel suspension.

Organic Growth on YouTube

Strategies for Organic Growth

Organic growth, on the other hand, refers to a gradual increase in views, subscribers, and engagement through non-paid means. This is typically achieved by consistently producing high-quality content, optimizing video titles, descriptions, and tags for SEO, engaging with viewers through comments, and promoting the channel across other social media platforms.

Pros and Cons

Organic growth is slow and requires a significant amount of effort and consistency. However, the engagement is genuine, and subscribers gained this way are more likely to stick around and interact with future content. Plus, the respect and credibility gained through organic growth are unparalleled.

Comparing Buying Views and Organic Growth

Time Factor

Buying views offers instant numbers, while organic growth is a slow process. However, the latter ensures sustained growth over time, while the former offers only a temporary boost.

Authentic Engagement

Artificial views lack engagement – there are no likes, comments, or shares. Organic growth, with its real viewers, offers authentic engagement, which is invaluable to YouTube’s algorithm.

Long-term Value

While buying views might seem attractive for quick growth, it lacks long-term value. Organic growth, with its genuine engagement and progressively increasing subscriber base, provides long-term value and potential for sustained success.

Case Studies

Successful Channels Through Buying Views

There are instances where channels have benefited from buying views, especially in the early stages. However, these are exceptions rather than the rule, and such success often depends on various other factors.

Successful Channels Through Organic Growth

The internet is awash with success stories of channels that have grown organically. These channels, through consistent effort, quality content, and smart engagement strategies, have built dedicated viewer bases and achieved lasting success.


While both buying views and organic growth have their place in the YouTube ecosystem, it’s clear that the latter offers more sustainable and authentic success. It might be slower and require more effort, but the rewards – real engagement, a dedicated subscriber base, credibility, and long-term success – are well worth the investment.


Is buying YouTube views illegal?

No, it’s not illegal, but it’s against YouTube’s terms of service and could lead to penalties if detected.

Can bought views help my video get recommended?

While a higher view count might boost a video initially, YouTube’s algorithm values engagement more than just views, and bought views lack this engagement.

How can I grow my YouTube channel organically?

Consistently produce quality content, optimize your videos for SEO, engage with your viewers, and promote your channel across other social media platforms.

How long does it take to grow a YouTube channel organically?

There’s no set time frame as it depends on various factors like content quality, frequency of uploads, viewer engagement, and how well the channel is promoted.

What’s more important on YouTube, views or engagement?

While views are important, engagement (likes, comments, shares, and watch time) is even more so as it indicates that viewers are not only watching your content, but they’re also interacting with it.

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