Care Of Chain Of Hearts Or Ceropegia Woodii

Chain of hearts plant is a succulent that doesn’t look like a succulent. Isn’t it ideal? Also called a necklace of hearts or rosary vine, this hanging plant boasts beautiful variegated leaves on the upper side and pink-lilac on the underside. Its care is minimal and it is ideal for beginners in indoor plants. You can get this from the plants online Australia.

How to take care of a Chain of hearts

Light And Temperature

This plant of South African origin is cultivated in our country as an indoor plant. It prefers to be in a well-lit location without direct sun, although it can get used to less intense lighting. The lack of light causes changes in its coloration: the underside will turn a darker purple and the beam will change its tones, making them more uniform.

During the summer it can grow without problems outdoors, as long as you provide it with a space protected from the sun’s rays. Bring it into the house when autumn arrives, and keep it in a space with more or less constant temperatures, to prevent it from getting cold.

Substrate And Transplant

The flowers of Chain of hearts are very simple, but beautiful. They usually appear at the end of summer.

As a good succulent, it does not like waterlogging at all and therefore it is best to use a substrate for cacti and succulents, which is very porous and favors drainage. Some specimens reach our homes planted in peat-based substrates, which tend to dry out over time and have a scrubby appearance.

If you can, transplant it by removing as much peat as possible and using the substrate mentioned above. Take the opportunity to divide your plant and thus obtain new specimens.


In all guides on the care of Chain of hearts, weekly watering is recommended during spring and summer and much more spaced (up to 20 days) in autumn and winter.

Do not forget that the substrate that we have used can be more or less porous and therefore have a greater or lesser capacity to retain water. Follow my advice: watch the tips of the chains to get the point to the periodicity of watering.

Decorative Tips Of Chain Of Heart Plants

  • Place the chain of heart plants in a hanging basket to create a cascading effect.
  • Hang the chain of heart plants near a window or other light source to create an interesting visual effect.
  • Place the chain of heart plants in a terrarium or other enclosed environment to create a lush, tropical feel.
  • Use the chain of heart plants as a centerpiece for a dinner table or other gathering space.
  • Place the chain of heart plants in an outdoor area to create a natural, living wall.
  • Hang the chain of heart plants in a corner of a room to create an interesting visual effect.
  • Place the chain of heart plants in a pot and hang it from the ceiling to create a unique look.
  • Use the chain of heart plants as part of a living wall or vertical garden.
  • Place the chain of heart plants in a window box to create a lush, green look.
  • Hang the chain of heart plants from a trellis or other structure to create an interesting visual effect.


The chain of heart plants is a unique and beautiful way to add a touch of nature to any home or garden. It is an easy-to-care-for plant that can be grown indoors or outdoors, and it adds a unique look to any space. With its heart-shaped leaves and cascading stems, the chain of heart plants is sure to bring a touch of beauty and life to any home.

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