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Custom Lipstick Boxes: A Stunning way to Stand Out on the Makeup Display Shelves

Lipsticks have been around for centuries. Since ancient civilizations, people have used crushed gemstones and flowers to color their lips. But lipstick packaging boxes formulation, texture, and shade have greatly evolved over the years. And for differentiation, custom lipstick boxes are a must. 

Thus it helps you to pick matte, satin, metallic, creamy, or glossy lipsticks. And quality packaging gives a sense of relief to the customers. And there is a lot more that it offers! Therefore, we have pinned the amazing perks of customized packaging in this blog. So let us learn more about it.

Gives an Incredible Look to Your Makeup Collection

Are you running late for the grand party? Just put on the red shade, and you are good to go. Well, that’s the power of lip color. It instantly brightens up your look and mood. So, lipsticks always stay in fashion, and so does their packaging!

You can stay one step ahead of the competitors with custom lipstick boxes. Whether you want to launch or ship the new lipstick collection, customized packaging is a must-have. 

It gives a presentable and prominent look to your lipstick brand. 

Provides Exclusive Lipstick Packaging to the Customers

You will always find a lipstick in women’s handbags, wallets, or purses. The thing is, it is a staple makeup item, and it’s easy to apply. Hence worldwide, women always carry them around.

Since it always stays with them so custom lipstick packaging is very important. And for that, various packaging styles are available. Let us take a look at the following.

• Reverse tuck end

• Straight stuck end

• Lipstick boxes with hang tabs

• Boxes with die cuts

• Tray and sleeve 

• Tuck front style 

Thus it looks eye-catching on cosmetic or beauty shelves. 

Extends the Shelf Life of the Boxes

Though nothing beats stylish custom lipstick boxes, their durability also matters. So you can use strong and long-lasting packaging stock. Yes, we are referring to cardboard, rigid, and kraft paper.

It is sturdy, functional, and highly customizable. You can pick a reverse tuck end or tuck front style and it can be designed in your preferred stock. Thus you can pack single wholesale custom lipstick packaging or a bulk quantity in the box. And the packaging will provide 100% protection to the makeup items.

In addition, you can decorate it with beautiful embellishments. In a nutshell, the premium stock is versatile and flexible. 

Custom lipstick boxes at wholesale

Custom Lipstick Boxes with Logo

Worldwide, people buy and do business with credible brands. They are ready to splurge on authentic and famous brands. Because they blindly trust their quality and services.  Therefore, your packaging can acquire a prominent position at beauty stores with a logo design. Yes, that’s true. All you need is a lipstick box with a stylish logo!

Whether it’s a simple or bold logo, there are various design techniques to highlight it. For example, you can add shimmer, depth, and character to the logo with the following.

  • Foil stamping
  • Embossing
  • Debossing

These are high-end printing techniques and generate excellent results. You can apply it to the text, illustration, or logo. Further, you can mix and match the embossing and debossing with the hot foil stamping technique. Overall it gives the customers a memorable visual and tactile experience. And your packaging hooks the potential customers from a distance. 

Sophisticated Packaging Styles

Which packaging element do you think is the most important? Is it the box color, style, quality, or size? Well, all of them are pretty important, but the size matters the most. And there are many reasons to support this answer.

It promotes sustainability, maximizes shelf presence, and reduces shipment fare. And on top of that, it provides makeup lovers with frustration-free packaging. 

Therefore proper size wholesale lipstick boxes are very much needed. They look attractive and grab the customer’s attention. And saves the earth from landfill and pollution. 

Why Choose Us?

iCustomBoxes is well-known for its outstanding customization services. We understand, discuss, and suggest the best packaging solution to our customers.

Our customization process is pretty simple and quick. And our sales representatives are present around the clock to guide about our services. 

Thus you can order custom printed lipstick boxes in any style, color, size, or print. And our in-house team promise to exceed your expectations. Besides, we offer worldwide doorstep delivery service with no die-cut, plate, or hidden charges. 

So, do you want to talk to our experts or want to know more about our services? Visit icustomboxes and scroll through our website. Or dial +1-800-347-2197 and have a detailed discussion with our packaging consultants. 

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