Develop Your Video Editing Skills: Expert Advice for Novices
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Develop Your Video Editing Skills: Expert Advice for Novices

Video editing has expanded as popular social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok have grown in popularity. Technical know-how alone won’t make someone a great video editor. It necessitates imagination, focus on detail, and mastery in the craft of narrative. In this article, whether you’re a novice or an experienced pro, we’ll look at some doable suggestions and methods for enhancing your video editing abilities.

You’re trying to hone your talent in post-processing while learning video editing skills. If so, you’ll benefit the most from reading this essay. You were introduced to some incredible, well-liked online courses to master video editing and motion graphics in our most recent blog post. It is now time to concentrate on the following stage so that students can advance their talents.

Pro Tips to Sharpen Your Video Editing Techniques

As a novice editor, you must abide by a few essential guidelines to increase productivity and make the work process flexible.

Select the Correct Software

The first and most important task you must complete while beginning your path to become a professional video editor is selecting the best software. There are a tonne of video editing applications available online. They have distinctive usability, features, and interfaces.

Their abilities for trimming, splicing, graphic effects, colour modification, editing & combining audio/video sequences, file formats, etc., are the primary aspects you should take into account. The criterion for choosing one may differ from the other depending on the needs of your project. The following list includes some of the most well-known video editing applications!

  • Premiere Pro by Adobe
  • Last Cut Pro
  • With DaVinci Resolve
  • After Effects by Adobe
  • Media Composer by Avid

Other tools with restricted capability exist in addition to those with the aforementioned names. You can start by attempting any easy video editing tasks at first.

Build a Powerful Computer

To continue working efficiently while working on a video editing job, you must have a speedier PC. Therefore, it is advised to speak with video and rendering specialists before making a purchase. Both time and money will be saved. What then ought to be the optimal setup for handling editing tasks? Here are the recommended and required specifications for constructing a video editing system:

  • Microsoft Windows 7, Linux, and Mac OS X
  • Memory: 16 GB is ideal (8 GB is minimal).
  • Storage: 256 GB SSD (7200 RPM) hard drive
  • Graphics Card: Software-dependent (preferable 16GB).
  • 24 inch (minimum 19 inch) screen size
  • Thunderbolt or Firewire ports, either built-in or as an external dock.

Study with the Finest Mentors

There is no other way to improve the ability to survive in this cutthroat society. It’s practically required to continue learning from the top mentors you can find online or offline, especially if you work in a creative field like video editing. In this situation, you can pick any of the well-liked and useful video resources to become an authority in this artistic sector.

Keep an Organised Workflow

Even when we have all the necessary tools, we frequently find it difficult to focus on our work. We may have everything we need, including high-end PCs and all required tools, but a fantastic workflow is still missing. And it might be a really good excuse for us to perform poorly at work. You can simply create an efficient organisation to enhance your workflow.

You can set up your projects in a straightforward manner. All the files and folders need to be organised so that you can find them quickly. You can do that by using an external hard drive, where you can store the footage in order. Additionally, some extra instruments, such as a gaming mouse or allotted RAM, can aid in the creation of a successful project.

Change a Story

Creating a narrative for the video is another original technique to greatly enhance your video editing abilities. Aim to make dramatic and alluring videos rather than robotic ones devoid of aesthetics and sequence. Simply follow a storyboard for that, especially if you’re filming.

Therefore, you should refrain from including more effects throughout the entire clip. The video’s chronological arrangement might be harmed. Instead, you must make an effort to make it aesthetically appealing using your common sense and practical understanding. Additionally, your technical expertise will guarantee a batter-on-shot adjustment to advance the plot.

Choose quality music

A video clip’s appearance can be completely altered by an engaging piece of playback music. Therefore, it is impossible to say that your work will be successful if you only focus on the visual aspect. Use the proper instrumental music or song when you are preparing to edit a dramatic clip. It guarantees good aesthetics and provides a pleasant viewing experience.

You must also be careful not to use only one genre of music there. Simply put, you cannot use depressing playback music on a picnic video. Therefore, you must ensure that the material and sound are correctly matched. Additionally, you must ensure that the sound is free to use and does not violate anyone’s copyright.

Audio editing and colour grading

Making a colourful video clip can only be aesthetically pleasing when the right colour is used. Always keep in mind that colour is a very important part of video clip design. You must use colour to draw attention to specific areas of it. Understanding the colour wheel, colour theory, and the various kinds of colour grading software are all necessary for mastering colour grading.

The audio editing of your video is just as crucial as the images. An otherwise fantastic video can be ruined by poor audio quality. Understanding the many microphone types and their applications, learning to record and mix audio, and using audio effects are all necessary skills for mastering audio editing.

Add graphics and text

The following trick is simple to use but has the potential to have a significant influence on the video clip. improving the editing project by including pertinent information and graphics. However, you must ensure that the type of video and the text you use on the video are compatible. Additionally, the text’s font and colour must be straightforward and clearly apparent.

Flashy visuals can also be included in your video clip. On the clip, though, it can simply be used wherever. Make sure you use it sparingly and where it belongs. You can design visuals in Adobe After Effects and include them into the video. You can get a ready-to-use graphics design on it if you are not a talented graphic designer.

Know how to use visual effects

The finishing touches that give your video a professional appearance are visual effects. Learning the various sorts of effects that are available and how to utilise them in a way that improves the overall look and feel of your video are key to mastering visual effects, whether you want to add special effects or text overlays.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts & Important Terms

There are a tonne of key phrases and keyboard shortcuts that can improve your video editing software. Despite being novel and very important, many of the terminology are still unfamiliar to many of us. For instance, you can utilise a variety of common cinema cuts, such as jump cuts to remove specific sections of a clip, L cuts to remove the audio before a clip, M cuts to remove several clips, and many more.

You have the option of using the free or premium keyboard shortcuts for several important tasks. We advise investing a little amount of your money in high-end workarounds like Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and others. These brief cuts can make it simpler and easier to edit the video.

Web version exports

Many of us frequently skillfully edit the video clip, but while exporting it, we fail to maintain the quality. The reason why the file size and video resolution are automatically reduced is due to the sharing process. To overcome this issue, you must produce a file that can maintain high quality while without degrading the resolution.

Simply reduce the file size while creating the file. For that, you must adjust the export settings. Most uploading websites, including Facebook and YouTube, will almost always offer a recommended export size and resolution choice. So be careful not to change the effect or resolution while sharing or exporting the footage.

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