Devkund Waterfall Trek

Overview about devkund Waterfall

The Devkund waterfall is a wonderful vacation spot, a popular trekking and camping site, and is close to a river, mountains, and a lush forest. It’s also a fantastic location for witnessing the fascinating rural life of the nearby villages.

About Devkund Waterfall Trek

Devkund waterfall trek parking area at Bhira Dam, from whence every trekker starts their trek to Devkund. It has a parking fee of 20 rs and trek is about 5-6 km with greenery and mountains surroundings.

Except for the last portion, which involves a 300-foot gradual climb to reach the waterfall, the trail is mostly open spaces. Even beginners can accomplish the Devkund waterfall trek. During the rains, there are three to four areas that resemble streams which offer a thrilling river crossing experience. Devkund waterfall trek combines the pleasure of a lake, high rock faces, a dense forest with many plants and animals, as well as a waterfall all in one spot!!

Enjoy the beauty of white water streaming down from 80 m heights against a rocky surface to create a 30 m natural lake.

History of Devkund Waterfall

According to local mythology, the Devkund waterfall was once a secret hideaway for the Pandavas, the five brothers from the Hindu epic Mahabharata. It is reported that while in hiding, they spotted the waterfall. They constructed a temple there to worship Lord Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction since they felt the area was so calm and magnificent.

Things to Remember

  • Carry mosquito repellent, a torch, and a water bottle for the trek. and wear sturdy walking boots.
  • Don’t go too far into the forest.
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke or drink while trekking.
  • Avoid littering and don’t throw garbage on your trekking trail.
  • Don’t mess with the natural beauty of the environment.

Highlights of Devkund Waterfall Trek

The main highlights of Devkund Waterfall trek are camping, Photography and Swimming.

Camping: There are a number of campsites available where visitors may set up tents. A great approach to admire the area’s natural beauty and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of nature is to camp close to the waterfall. The majority of its fame comes from its many lakeside camping areas.  

Swimming: Swimming in the waterfall’s calm and pure water is a common activity among visitors. Swimming is permitted in the lake, which provides a refreshing and restorative experience.

Photography: Photographers may capture the breathtaking splendour of the waterfall and its surroundings. Photography is one of the highlights of Devkund Waterfall trek which attracts many visitors.There are a number of picturesque spots near the waterfall where photographers can get some amazing shots of the waterfall and the mountains and trees that around it.

Places to Visit near devkund waterfall

Devkund Waterfall is close to a number of other famous sights that visitors may visit, including:

Bhira Dam:The Bhira Reservoir Dam is a popular destination for Devkund adventure tourism. It is a large manmade lake constructed by the Kundalika River’s waters. The dam is also known as the Tata Power Dam. The dam is surrounded by dense forests and offers a stunning view of the nearby mountains and valleys.

Kundalika River: The Kundalika river is popular recommended places to Visit near devkund waterfall.  has a section that is well known for river rafting, and it is only a few kilometres from the Devkund Waterfalls. Must experience the Kundalika’s rapids is a fantastic experience.

Tamini Ghar: Tamhini Ghat is a beautiful mountain route near the Devkund Waterfall. The route offers stunning panoramas of the nearby hills and valleys making it a tourist place for hikers and nature seekers.

Kuda Caves: This caves are a historic landmark and a must places to visit near Devkund Waterfall. The caves, which are likely to be older than 2,000 years, provide a glimpse into the region’s early Buddhist culture.

Ghangad Fort: The famed Ghangad Fort is yet another place to visit in this area. It’s approximately 9 km from the Devkund waterfall. The fort is 300 years old and has two entrances. To go up to the fort, you must to climb iron ladders.

Karnala Fort and Sanctuary: The Karnala Fort, also famous as Funnel Hill, is a hill fort in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, India. It is located approximately 10 Km away from Panvel city. It is now a protected area within the Karnala Bird Sanctuary. The fort is 439 metres tall. The fort is a famous trekking and tourism attraction. Devkund waterfall and Karnala Fort is about 96.31 KM.


Take a break exploring the local areas including the waterfalls at Devkund. This weekend getaway will undoubtedly refresh you for the upcoming days.

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