Enhance Productivity with JCB Excavators

Enhance Productivity with JCB Excavators

JCB and Tata Hitachi are two popular names in the construction industry that provide high efficiency. JCB excavators offer many features, such as advanced hydraulics, electronic controls, and fuel-efficient engines.

It is also one of the most affordable machines, as JCB price are under the customer’s budget. Overall, equipment models from these brands ensure high productivity and smooth operation during work.

Tata Hitachi excavators are reliable and efficient machines with strong hydraulic systems and operator-friendly features. Both brands offer a range of equipment to suit various applications. They require regular maintenance to achieve optimal efficiency.

JCB 130

The JCB 130 is a powerful and efficient excavator with an 80 HP engine. It has an operating weight of 12,800 kg for stable operations. The excavator, with its bucket capacity of 0.65 cum handles various digging and material-handling tasks.

It has a hydraulic system with a flow rate of 2 Lpm for smooth and efficient operation. The maximum digging depth of the JCB 130 is 4,833 mm for digging deeper into the ground. Moreover, the price of the JCB 130 is Rs. 39 Lakh (Ex-showroom).

Tata Hitachi EX 110

The Tata Hitachi EX 110 is a powerful and efficient excavator with a 76 HP engine. It has an operating weight of 11,600 kg for better stability and maneuverability during operations. The excavator has a bucket capacity of 0.86 cum for various digging and material-handling tasks. 

It has a maximum digging depth of 4,720 mm for deep digging into the ground. The machine’s price varies from 46 Lakh to 48 Lakh. Tata Hitachi price and efficiency are what customers compare before buying.

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