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ENT-Cloud EHR Software by WRS Health

ENT Cloud is an ONC-ATCB certified EHR and Practice Management system designed to suit the changing needs of a developing ENT practice. It is built for the web and focuses on streamlining information flow in the office and beyond.

A strong EHR Software ensures the safety and security of patient records and guarantees HIPAA Compliance. This can only be achieved by using data encryption technologies and other advanced tools in every section of the software.

Easy to use

ENT Cloud EHR Software is easy to use and enables your practice to be more efficient and profitable. It has been designed in consultation with otolaryngologists to suit their evolving needs and streamline the information flow in your practice.

Unlike server-based ENT EHR systems, ENT cloud-based software is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. This allows your team to work from home, at the hospital or on vacation with access to patient charts and data.

It has a built-in lab interface for automatic result availability, notices for tests due and enables you to create individual actions for all patient treatment phases. It also has a real-time dashboard that enables you to clearly view patient charts, profiles and billing processes all at one place.

When selecting a vendor for your ENT-Cloud EHR Software, make sure they understand the unique workflows of your practice and provide customized workflows that are flexible enough to allow your team to operate at their maximum efficiency without disruption. This way you will be able to save time on training, avoid inefficiencies and improve productivity across the board.


When you select a ENT-Cloud EHR Software for your practice, you must ensure that it is customizable to the needs of your specialty. The needs of any medical professional and practice vary widely, even within the same field.

Specialty-specific EHR systems should offer unique tools for clinical documentation. For example, gastroenterologists require different tools for documenting their clinical workflows, so the EHR should be able to accommodate these requirements.

A quality ENT EHR should include a robust ENT-specific SOAP notes and templates that physicians can use to complete patient encounters. It should also be able to suggest ENT-specific medications and assist with ICD and CDT codes for encounters related to ear, nose, and throat care.

In addition, an ENT-Cloud EHR must have strong customization tools to create custom forms and workflows that are not time-consuming and do not require specialized technical skills. This will reduce the need for training your staff and help you get up and running quickly.

Easy to train

ENT-Cloud EHR Software by WRS Health is an ONC-ATCB certified Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management system designed in accordance with ear, nose and throat specialists to meet the changing needs of growing ENT practices. It is web-based and intended to facilitate the flow of information in and out of the office.

Designed to boost productivity, improve workflow efficiencies, automate billing and increase ease of use, ENT cloud software is an ideal solution for any ENT practice. Here are the top reasons why ENT cloud EHR software is better than server-based systems:

Budget friendly

Since ENT cloud EHR software doesn’t require a physical server, you can avoid a large upfront hardware setup and installation costs. This means fewer IT staff and less maintenance, which can help you keep your budget in check while still keeping up with the demands of your patients’ needs.

Allergy and Medication Management – ENT specific EHRs can help you track inhalant, food and skin allergies, while alerting physicians when medications aren’t recommended or may cause a reaction. This can be especially helpful in value-based care when Medicare reimbursements depend on quality and cost data.

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ENT-Cloud EHR Software by WRS Health is designed to fit the needs of developing ENT practices and otolaryngologists. The web-based app is meant to help them streamline information flow within the practice and beyond.

The system is also meant to simplify practice management, medical billing, and marketing services. ENT-Cloud can also be accessed from anywhere, whenever and wherever the internet is available.

Specialty-specific ENT EHR software helps physicians store detailed clinical information, including demographics, medical history, social history, lab reports and more. It also allows physicians to document encounters and make notes in a quick and efficient manner.

Choosing the right ENT EHR software is important for your practice, and you should be sure to choose a solution that offers efficient customer support. This is because the software is prone to problems from time to time and only a knowledgeable and skilled customer support service can resolve your issues in an effective manner.

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