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High Top Vans Report on Style for 2023

Vans is a well-known brand that is known all over the world for its influence on skate culture. It was founded in 1966 in California. High Top Vans has pretty much taken over the market for street shoes. It started out as a small factory in Anaheim and has grown into a multibillion-dollar company that seems to survive fashion trends year after year.

As a devoted customer and fan of the brand, I’ve been following Vans’ successes and problems for years. This article will discuss why Vans are so popular, along with the company’s history, style, and some amazing brand partnerships.

Why do Vans have so many fans?

Vans was the first company to make a line of skate shoes. This was in the 1960s when skating was just starting to gain popularity among young people in California. Get discounts from vans military discount
Let’s look at the main things that have helped Vans stay successful.

A Brief History

In 1966, brothers Paul and James Van Doreen and their friends Serge Delia and Gorden C. Lee made high-top vans in California (source).

Over the years, five main iconic Vans silhouettes have changed (Era in 1976, Old School in 1977, Sk8-Hi in 1978, Authentic in 1966, and Slip on in 1982).

When making High Top Vans for skateboarding and, at first, boating, the designers put comfort, grip, and durability at the top of the list.


Collaborations are a big part of Vans’ success and how they manage to keep their brand feeling new and exciting year after year.

Over the years, they’ve worked on a wide range of projects, from anime to a collaboration with the MoMa collection at a modern art museum to celebrity designs and collaborations with labels like Supreme.
You can check out their latest June 2022 Sailor Moon collection, which is a collaboration with many of your favorite brands, here.

High Top Vans seems to always be collaborating with other companies, pop culture figures, and famous artists. Visit vans.com to see all of the crazy collaborations that Vans is currently selling.
Collaborations help Vans gain a wider audience by introducing the company to the brand’s products. Vans has even collaborated with Crayola on a kids’ collection (check out the funky designs here, they are simply amazing to look at).

Popular Among Skaters And Celebrities Alike

You can’t talk about skate culture or pop punk without bringing up Vans. The shoes are great for skateboarding because of their unique design features, such as their non-slip waffle sole.
Celebrities like singers and comedians wear them on the red carpet because they are always in style.
Popularity in Different Ages

High Top Vans are popular with young boys, middle-aged men and women, and even older men and women. They can be worn to a variety of events, from formal weddings to formal school functions.
Given how many features they offer under one brand, it’s not surprising that they keep doing well. Their growing popularity can be seen in their rising stock price over the past year and their rising revenue over the past few years. (Their income went from $2.3 billion in 2017 to $2.8 billion in April 2022).
Their Comfort And Design

Since the 1960s, Vans has put a lot of thought into making shoes that are comfortable to wear. This is a big reason for the brand’s longevity and enduring appeal.
I’m going to talk about each of their qualities and how they contribute to the success of the brand as a whole.


High Top Vans’s commitment to a traditional look gives the brand’s vintage designs a timeless appeal. Their style is popular because it can be worn anywhere, from the skate park to the red carpet to your shift at the office. Skate culture in the United States in the 1960s is forever linked in the minds of the style-conscious to the timeless and adaptable Vans design.


Vans are a go-to shoe for a wide range of situations due to their excellent traction. The waffle-like outsole of these shoes prevents slipping while skating or working on a tile floor. Vans can be worn on a variety of surfaces because they are low to the ground.


Vans are known for being one of the most comfortable shoe brands. This makes people love them even more than they already do. The collar on a pair of High Top Vans is padded for comfort, and the insoles and outsoles are both made of soft, durable rubber.
Vans also offer many Ultra Cush variants for people who want more comfort and stability. Vans’ innovative commitment to comfort ensures that it remains a market leader year after year.

Excellent Materials

You can be sure that the materials used to make your High Top Vans are strong. The outsole is made of high-quality, vulcanized rubber that is both flexible and wear-resistant. The top materials used to create Vans’ canvas and suede designs are surprisingly comfortable, in contrast to their toughness and durability.
Even though it is still recommended to break in your High Top Vans, many people find that they are comfortable right away. Due to their exceptional design and construction, Vans are frequently regarded as the best shoes available.

Designs For Everyone

High Top Vans come in a huge range of styles for people of all ages and genders. Choose from high-tops, low-tops, the Old School for a retro look, and the checkerboard slip-ons for a more casual look.

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