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How Can Backhoe Loaders Facilitate Your Upcoming Project?

The infrastructure industry in India is dotted with several breakthrough technical innovations. These advancements have hence helped infra entities scale new heights. The stakes are the enterprises across the construction, mining, and plantation industries.

Subsequently, there are several heavy-duty equipment manufacturing companies engineering machines to upscale on-site output. Facilitating such tasks are equipment like backhoe loaders. This heavy-duty machine enables landscaping, loading heavy materials, transporting, etc. 

2 Best Backhoe Loaders Under Rs. 35 Lakh Price Range

  1. JCB 3DX Xtra Backhoe Loader

This is one of the best-selling backhoe loader models from JCB. Rightly so, it has an operating weight of 8000 Kg. This, as a result, helps improve work output at construction & mining sites. Additionally, the backhoe loader ensures optimum fuel efficiency thanks to its hydraulic oil capacity of 130 ltr. 

Moreover, the machine can load heavy materials at once with its lifting capacity of 1800 kg. Besides, the equipment eases the transportation of heavy loads, thanks to its 5794 mm of full height reach. Furthermore, the machine comes with a backhoe bucket of 1 cum. Above all, the price range of this JCB backhoe loader starts from Rs. 32 Lakh and goes up to 34 Lakh. 

  1. ACE AX-124 NS Backhoe Loader

This is yet another popular backhoe loader model in India. This is because the model is equipped with highly-advanced features. For instance, the hydraulic oil capacity of up to 130 ltr helps increase work efficiency exponentially. What’s further interesting is the lifting capacity of this ACE backhoe loader which is up to 1800 kg. This feature subsequently helps load heavy materials at once. 

Moreover, the machine can reach a height of 5794 mm, ensuring higher productivity. Above all, the equipment can operate at a maximum weight of around 8000 kg. More importantly, the model has a competitive pricing ranging between Rs. 31 to 33 Lakh.

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