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How to Draw Cat Eyes Easily

How to Draw Cat Eyes. Cats have been beloved companions of humans for thousands of years. Humans love how cats have so much character, personality, and independence.

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They can also be seen in art dating back thousands of years. They are even present in Egyptian hieroglyphs! Many cat fans love to draw their furry friends, but learning how to draw cat eyes can be challenging due to their unique nature.

However, it can become much easier once you know what to do! This 6-step step-by-step guide to drawing cat eyes will show how easy and fun it can be!

How to Draw Cat Eyes

Step 1

In this first step of our cat eye drawing guide, we’ll start with the top part of the outline for the eyes. To do this, you can draw two curved and rounded lines next to each other.

As you will see further in the guide, these will be the beginning of the two eyes.

This is a straightforward step in this guide, and once you’ve seen it in our reference image, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2

As mentioned, cats have very distinctive eye shapes, and we’ll wrap that up at this stage of drawing your own cat eyes!

To do this, we will add more curved lines under the lines drawn in the previous step.

With all these lines drawn, you should end up with two round shapes with sharp corners.

The right eye also has a small space in the lower left corner that we’ll fill in later.

Step 3

For now, let’s leave the outlines of the eyes and focus on the pupils in this step of our guide on how to draw cat eyes. First, draw two medium-sized ovals inside the eye contours.

These will work the tops of the eyes. Next, we draw two small square shapes in the eyes for some reflective sparkle detail. That’s all you need to do now, so skip to step 4!

Step 4

In this fourth part of how to draw cat eyes, we will add some minor details to the eyes. These details will be simple, but they will make a big difference!

For the left eye, add some curved lines near the side edges of the eye. This makes the eye adjustment more realistic.

Next, we’ll add similar lines to the right eye. These are similar but slightly thicker than the ones on the left. It will also fill in the gap in the left corner of your right eye.

Ensure you follow the reference image closely as you draw; it will help you correctly place the lines!

With those lines drawn, we must add a few final touches before ending with eye-catching colors.

Step 5

In this step of our cat eye drawing guide, we’ll add some details before moving on to the final step.

You also have the option to make any additions or additional items you want, but let’s focus on those other details first.

First, add more small ovals to the eyes for more detail about the pupil. Then we color all the small gaps left in the eyes’ outlines.

This will suffice for the details in this guide, but as mentioned before, feel free to add some details of your own!

You could draw the rest of the cat’s face as an idea or incorporate it into an eye-themed wallpaper. These are just two ideas out of an endless amount, and we can’t wait to see what you decide on!

Step 6

This is the sixth and final step in drawing cat eyes, and here you will have a lot of fun adding colors to your cool pic!

In our reference image, we chose yellow, gray, and black for the eyes, with pink for the edges. We chose to do it, but feel free to get creative and let your imagination run wild!

You can incorporate any of your favorite colors and shades, and then once you know what colors you want, you can choose what artistic media to use to add them.

Whether you go for some excellent, bright art media or keep it more subtle for a more muted look, we know it will look fantastic, and we can’t wait to see it!

Your Cat Eyes Drawing is Finished!

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