How to Make a Strong Profile for MBA Applications

If you have an average or low academic score during your college days, you would be skeptical about how it would affect your MBA applications. While it does matter to an extent, it is not a dealbreaker for the application. All B-schools look at the holistic nature of the application and not at any particular aspect alone.

Hence, the GMAT/GRE score, and application essays, they all give you a chance to prove your worth and your creative side to the school. Your grades and work exposure are all a set of experiences. At the point when candidates’ work insight, scholarly abilities, scholastic records, and EC’s are similarly exemplifications, B-schools will settle on affirmation choices by flipping coins.

The program by which you should stand apart from different candidates will rely upon how specific a B-school is. As a rule, the more specific a school is, the greater and more exceptional your application should be. Accordingly, your college application should emphasize your best, most interesting characteristics. For instance, if you play the violin and need to concentrate on music in school, you’ll need to address this interest you have in various spaces of your application.

If you have plans to apply for B school in the coming years, you may have to build your profile under the below-mentioned categories.

  1. Jobs/Internships: Most of the B schools look for a spike in last couple of years. Cross-functional/cross-organizational shows the adoms that you take initiative and are a leader. Take up responsibilities that you could use to build a story for your essays.
  1. Volunteer Experience: Spend your weekend volunteering for community work or teaching children who cannot afford basic education (mostly in rural parts). This will reflect to the Adcom your commitment to social responsibility, your ability to take initiative, and your organizational and leadership skills. 
  1. Build own startup/work for a startup: With B-schools trying to increase diversity in their classrooms, students are handpicked from various industry/career backgrounds. Start up experience will be considered as fastrack mode in leadership, multi tasking, stress management and more skills.
  1. Pursuing hobby: Having a creative hobby, such as fitness enthusiast, reading new books, active on social forums, learning new language,  attending conferences relating to your field, Playing the guitar, dancing or doing adventure sports will display to the adcom that your willing to step out of their comfort zone to pursue success. 
  1. Certifications: Enroll for a certification course offered by Udemy, CourseEra, Unacademy etc. A course related to subject you will study in MBA or related to your career that will help you to develop your skill set.

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