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All you need to submit your music to the media and music business experts you choose who are on Groover is a private or public YouTube link (or SoundCloud link) for YouTube music promotion. Direct access to 1,000 YouTube channels, playlists, radios, blogs, and labels.

1. Provide a range of content on your channel

Your YouTube channel is primarily used to post and promote your new songs and music videos for YouTube music promotion.

If you have the time and want, you may absolutely offer various video types on YouTube, such as vlogs, behind-the-scenes videos, and videos about your musical influences. By doing so, you’ll be able to create a true online community for your musical endeavour.

Your subscribers to listen to, you can also make playlists. You might create a playlist using your own music or music by other artists you like. Your fan base can learn more about you and enjoy your music by doing this. Any independent musician can use this as a crucial marketing tool to attract fans and subscribers.

2. Use keywords

The title of the YouTube video is crucial because it must allow you to get as much out of the search as possible and make users want to watch the video for YouTube SEO. Don’t forget to write a suitable description and add relevant tags to each of your videos.

In the past 30 days, for instance, “jazz piano” has been searched for on YouTube across the globe

3. Produce captivating thumbnails

You want as many users to click on your video now that it is available on the platform. The thumbnail should grab viewers’ attention and pique their curiosity. The eye is generally drawn to vivid visuals, but picture quality is more crucial. If the image is hazy or badly composed, the video’s quality is likely to be low as well.

Therefore, to ensure a successful outcome, we suggest you remember to snap images when you record a video for your channel, when you shoot your clips, and at other occasions. Using tools like Canva, for example, you can also

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