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Jewelry display ideas 2022 we need to know

Whether you sell unique or inexpensive jewelry, having creative ways to display your jewelry will increase your sales and attract more customers. The following ideas will help you create an attractive display for your items. Consider adding a vase for necklaces. This is an easy project to do yourself and does not require any fancy equipment. Choose different vases with various shapes and sizes. It’s a simple way to show off your unique pieces of jewelry. Here are some other great ideas for displaying your favorite accessories:

You can make a hanging jewelry display using a pallet or a tray. Attach wooden thread spools to each ring, necklace, and bracelet. You can also hang earrings and rings from a mesh background. You can use thin pieces of wood or wire for a more personal look. You can even paint a piece of wood to resemble your jewelry. In addition to a wooden display, you can use a frame or thin wood to showcase your collections. The following are more ideas about jewelry displays.

Stackable trays

Stackable trays are another practical way to display jewelry. They allow for more flexibility and are easy to move from one position to another. You can also use trays to store other items. A tray organizer is a great idea if you’re selling smaller pieces of jewelry. There are many kinds of trays you can use to display your jewelry. You can even use a combination of crates if you’re displaying small or delicate items.


You can use cups as a display for your jewelry. A fancy teacup is a great option if you’re selling expensive pieces. A bowl can be made of wood or plastic. You can then hang your earrings or bracelets on it. If you don’t want to use cups, you can also make one out of a piece of paper. These two options can be very creative and affordable. But you might find them more useful than you think.

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Glass cases

Another way to display your jewelry is to use glass cases. These are inexpensive and provide a professional look to your products. They’re also available in different colors. They may be made of glass or wood and will look great in a store. A glass case can also be used to display jewelry. Moreover, these cases can be placed in front of a window, on a counter, or in a shop. These are all great options for displaying your jewelry.


Using boards is a fun and effective way to display your jewelry. A board is a convenient and creative way to display necklaces and bracelets. A board is an ideal accessory for a store or a boutique. It also provides a place to write prices. This is a great way to showcase your jewelry. Aboards are an excellent choice for retail stores and art shows. The boards are a great way to attract customers and make them more attractive.

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