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Modifying An Audi R8 With Protective Accessories And Parts

Want to modify your current car model with the latest protection parts? But I don’t know much more about the collection of various parts and accessories available to choose from. Your search may end up here! There are vast collections available in aftermarket shops for your Audi R8. The role of the parts such as the front spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser, mirror caps, etc is not only decorative but also to enhance performance & functionality, therefore serving both purposes. 

Moreover, these parts are mostly made up of carbon fiber due to their excellent properties such as lightweight, high strength, high chemical resistance, and temperature tolerance, etc. In this post, some of the parts and accessories are mentioned from the vast list so have a look by scrolling down! 

List of Different Parts & Accessories

There are several carbon fiber protection parts available for the Audi R8 that can provide both protection and a sporty aesthetic. Here are some examples of accessories or parts which you can easily find in any aftermarket car shop ;

  • Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler

This is a protective lip that attaches to the front bumper; helps to reduce the amount of air passing underneath a car, reducing drag and increasing downforce. Overall, it maintains better control and stability in the car at higher speeds.

  • Carbon Fiber Side Skirts

Side skirts are a type of aerodynamic device used on vehicles to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency. They are typically mounted to the side of the vehicle, just below the doors, and help to create a smooth airflow around the vehicle. The reduced drag helps to increase the vehicle’s overall fuel efficiency.

  • Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

 A panel that attaches to the rear bumper and is used in vehicle aerodynamics to reduce drag by helping the air flow more smoothly around the car. They create a low-pressure area beneath the car, which helps to increase downforce and improve the handling of the car.

  • Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps

These are protective covers that attach to the side mirrors and can help to prevent scratches and other damage. They also serve an aesthetic purpose, giving the Audi R8 a more stylish and polished look.

  • Carbon Fiber Engine Cover

A cover that attaches to the engine compartment serves as a barrier against dirt, debris, and moisture that can cause damage to the engine. It also helps to reduce engine noise and vibrations, making the car more comfortable to drive.

  • Carbon Fiber Door Sill Plates

Door sill plates are used to protect the lower edge or bottom of a door frame from damage caused by opening and closing the door. They also provide an aesthetically pleasing transition between the door frame and the floor.

  • Carbon Fiber Rear Wing

The rear wing helps to reduce drag and increase downforce by directing air over and around the car. This helps to create a lower pressure area over the rear of the car, which reduces drag and increases downforce. 

  • Floor Mats

Floor mats are essential in keeping dirt and debris out of a building, as they can catch any dirt or debris that someone brings in on the bottom of their shoes. They can also provide insulation and soundproofing, as well as protect the car floor from damage.

Final Words….

These are just a few examples of the many carbon fiber protection parts available in the aftermarket car shops for the Audi R8. These parts are not only available for particular models or car types, you can find these parts for any model you have. Depending on your needs and preferences, you may want to consider other options as well. Therefore, before visiting any particular shop, research well, the type of accessories you are looking for.

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