New Metro City Most Awaited Housing Project

World’s population is increasing day by so is the need for houses. Who does not want to have his own house of dreams? As the world is progressing the biggest challenges the world is facing all around the world is the need of houses. More the population more the need to cope up the need for houses. Meeting this challenge is not easy and a hectic task for every Government. The strategy is to provide houses to the people with lavish designs and modern architecture. Metro City is such a project that aims to provide the lavish lifestyle to the residents.

Standard Facilities

Introducing modern designs and lavish lifestyle facilities, Metro City has everything a person can dream of having them. Metro City has infused a standard and modern lifestyle package in our lives. From the larger bedrooms furnished with up to date furniture to the kitchen and bathrooms with latest designs and architecture, it is a complete package of today’s world metro city is one of the projects that aim to provide houses to the people who desires and dreams of having their own houses. Metro City offers residential plots of 5, 7, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal and one can choose modern designs according to his wish. It provides good quality material and modern design architecture that meet your needs.

New Metro City GT Roads Most Luxurious Project


Everyone wants to stay updated on what is happening in the city and for this he desires to live near the center of the city. This gives a sense of security. Desiring to be aware of the city’s hustle, peace is important too. Metro City is planned to have the location which is peaceful and quiet and is nearer to the city through good road linkages.

Greenery and pollution-free environment are the foremost priority of the citizens. Metro City is located in the midst of greenery and natural beauty. Wherever you see, you will find greenery and natural beauty which also make a person’s mind calm and composed and has a good effect on his health. Metro City has several parks which have swings for children and jogging tracks for youngsters and adults. It also has a standard modern gym equipped with modern machines for fitness and health. There are malls and cinemas to keep a person entertained.


In today’s era, nearby hospitals have become essential in any case of emergency as diseases are untimely. Moreover, new diseases are being diagnosed now days. Hospitals with latest technology is all a person wants and Metro City has hospital with latest technology.


Schools play an important role in learning and schooling from initial days of a person. Parents often find it difficult if the school of their children are far away from their houses. Metro City does not only have quality school, it also has qualified staff to guide students from a very early age.


There is a huge library in Metro City with a very fine architecture and design for those who finds peace in books as there is famous saying books are a person’s best friend. Books of different topics and worldwide authors are available.

New Metro City provides distinctive and innovative styles and with experience it is something that makes this a unique project. It promises that its expertise and uniqueness will fulfill the desires of your home. It is a complete package that has all the facilities required for a standard and modern lifestyle.

Affordable Housing Scheme

The current prevailing situation is that the percentage of people that are getting richer are as many as the people falling below the poverty line. With the increasing population there should be a policy framework for affordable housing schemes and their speedy implementation to provide houses to the lower income groups who are unable to buy their houses because of increasing prices.


Rural to urban migration has led to the increasing urban population relatively lower middle class and middle class and it is important to realize the necessity of affordable housing scheme that helps the lower income group to buy their own houses. It will let the people buy their own property which is not possible at this age of high prices. The main challenge to meet the requirement of affordable housing scheme is to provide the equal opportunity to lower middle class and middle class to buy houses as provided to upper class. new metro city is such housing scheme that offers plots ranging 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal with easy installments and only 10% down payment. People can buy plots according to their financial status. Affordable housing society provides the sustainability of housing sector especially for low-cost housing.

New Metro City GT Roads Most Luxurious Project


The planning of affordable housing scheme should be public private partnerships for better management and sustainability, as they can provide for better transport, schooling facilities along with houses. Most importantly, it should not be too far away from the market or road network as lower income groups tend to look for a location which is near to the linked roads so they don’t have to spend much on transport. Another perspective is as the urban population is increasing day by day and land is becoming extremely expensive. Most families with less income are not able to afford the expensive land to build houses as these areas are becoming commercialized.


One of the solutions is affordable housing schemes should be located on the outskirts of the cities which are not as much expensive with good road network. Further the purchaser has the option to design the house as he desires. Apart from being affordable, these housing schemes should have some employment opportunities nearby for the living standard and to draw the attention of low-income families to invest in it.


School plays a very important role in polishing the skills of the student in a very early age. If the schools are located far away from the housing scheme, people find it difficult because it adds extra expenditure for the pick and drop of the children. New Metro City is an initiative that not only provide houses for all income families but will also have school. It ensures that the faculty enrolled pay full attention to the students. School will also have bus transport for the pick and drop.

Hospital Facility

Often the hospitals are located away from the private housing schemes and people find it difficult when there is an emergency. Hospitals in a housing scheme is no doubt a great facility for the successful housing scheme.

Affordable housing schemes fulfill the dreams of the people who wish to have their own houses with all the facilities for the standard of living.

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