ParentPay – The Easiest Way For Parents to Pay For School Meals, Trips and Activities Online

ParentPay is an award-winning payment and communications system designed for schools, multi academy trusts and local authorities in the UK. Providing easy income reporting as well as dinner money administration with safe card payment processing.

Parents can use Pay My School Trip as a convenient method for paying school trips, meals, clubs and uniforms as well as receiving balance alerts via text message.


ParentPay Login is a cashless payment system designed to make life simpler for parents by making payment for school meals, trips and activities online. Furthermore, this tool helps track payment histories and automate recurring bills with just a single click.

ParentPay also provides a secure environment for processing payment details, using leading technology to encrypt transactions so only the school can view them. Furthermore, ParentPay never requests sensitive data like passwords or card numbers from parents.

ParentPay can help schools reduce paper “waste”, streamline banking procedures, and generate additional revenue via donations online.

Parents who prefer cash payments can still do so at local convenience stores that feature the PayPoint sign, and payments made will be recorded and stored by ParentPay so you can view them by logging into your account or viewing payment history online. This way, no longer must pupils bring cash with them to school, reducing risk and theft.


ParentPay can accommodate any size school, academy trust or local authority – from single schools to multi-academy trusts or entire authorities. It easily integrates with existing management information systems for smooth implementation for new schools while eliminating duplicate data entry. Group Manager allows Trust finance teams to upload unique accounting codes for each school directly onto central settlement statements – eliminating manual checks of individual spreadsheets while mitigating potential coding errors.

ParentPay and Comic Relief have collaborated since 2016, helping parents donate securely to this incredible cause.

Easy to use

ParentPay provides an efficient way for school payments. Parents can quickly and safely access their account online with a username and password or use a mobile app from anywhere with internet connectivity to manage payments to schools quickly and efficiently. By eliminating cash and cheque processing time, schools are freed up to focus more on teaching instead.

ParentPay allows students to pay for meals, trips, and extra-curricular activities without using cash or checks – including those eligible for free school meals who may pay them online through this secure system at any time, day or night – all using technology with top internet security protections in place.

Students can use ParentPay’s service to pay at local convenience stores using barcodes printed on school trip information letters and invoices, with payment details recorded online through its payment tracking function and statements available to view online. ParentPay is used by thousands of UK schools, MATs, caterers and local authorities.

Easy to manage

ParentPay allows parents to track payment histories and schedule automated payments for expenses like school lunches or bus fares – helping reduce time spent accounting for such expenses while creating an effortless experience for themselves.

ParentPay will send a letter directly from your child’s school with activation details and instructions on how to set up an account, then allow for online payments using credit/debit cards, direct bank transfers, or PayPoint outlets.

ParentPay allows parents and schools to easily manage accounts from mobile apps or tablets, with secure email inboxes for school communications and bookings and attendance tracking streamlined with quick attendance tracking options, booking tracking options, absence/truancy records and payment methods that reduce cash handling as well as risk. In addition, ParentPay supports multiple payment methods which help minimize cash handling while also decreasing lost payments risk.

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