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Partial Dentures: Restoring Your Smile in Tallahassee, FL

Partial dentures are an excellent way to restore missing teeth. They help limit movement of remaining natural teeth and improve chewing and speaking. They are a less-invasive and more economical choice than an implant.

The process takes several appointments to complete. During the first visit, impressions and a wax bite are taken to show vertical dimensions and proper jaw position.


Partials are a good choice when you have healthy teeth and only need to fill in gaps. They’re also less expensive than other tooth replacement options. But you may need to practice eating with them and they can feel a bit bulky.

A conventional removable partial dentures Tallahassee FL consists of replacement teeth attached to pink or gum colored bases that fit snugly between remaining natural teeth. Clasps that wrap around healthy abutment teeth keep the partial in place. Often these clasps are metal but precision attachments that are more esthetic are available.

A dentist will design your partial to evenly distribute chewing forces, limit movement of remaining natural teeth, prevent trauma to the gums and soft tissues and maintain a normal occlusion. Over time, you will need regular denture cleanings and exams to make sure the appliance fits properly and that your oral tissues remain healthy.


Removable partial dentures fit into the spaces left by missing teeth and help keep the surrounding teeth healthy. This prevents the shifting of bite pressures that can cause other problems in your mouth and jaw.

They consist of artificial teeth crafted into a gum-colored plastic base and can be inserted into your upper or lower jaws. Conventional removable partial dentures Tallahassee FL achieve stability and retention by using clasps that wrap around healthy abutment teeth. These clasps can be made of resin material that is less visible or metal for greater stability and durability.

These appliances can be removed for cleaning or as needed. If they become ill-fitting, you should see your dentist in Tallahassee FL immediately to have them repaired or replaced. Ill-fitting dentures can irritate your gums and mouth tissue, so it’s best to avoid trying to adjust them yourself.


A removable partial denture is a great option for those who do not have enough strong remaining teeth to support a fixed bridge. This prosthesis can be made beautifully lifelike and comfortable, restoring the proper bite relationship and permitting normal function and speech.

It’s important to practice good eating habits while wearing a lower partial. You should avoid foods that require a lot of chewing, and be careful when eating hot or hard foods or shells and bones. People who go without a lower partial for a long time develop bad eating habits, which can lead to other problems in the future.

A fixed partial can be fabricated with either metal clasps or devices called precision attachments, which are more esthetic than the traditional clasps. These devices connect to the natural teeth with small interlocking parts for a snug fit and are almost invisible when smiling or speaking.


Although a denture may feel bulky and awkward initially, your mouth will gradually become accustomed to wearing it. It is important to avoid biting down with your partial, which stresses the clasps and could break or bend them.

Conventional removable partial dentures have clasps that wrap around healthy abutment teeth to keep them in place. This helps distribute bite pressures evenly, prevent gum and tooth trauma and look natural.

An ill-fitting denture can cause bone and tissue loss, bite problems, speech impediments, or irritation to the soft tissues of your mouth. This problem should be addressed immediately to avoid more complicated issues in the future. Our practice can recommend a solution to suit your specific needs. Our office also provides regular dental examinations to ensure your oral tissues are healthy and functioning properly.


Partial dentures can be very comfortable and functional when they are properly cared for. Brushing and flossing them regularly will remove plaque buildup and prevent bacterial invasion of the natural teeth that support them. You should also take them out at night and store them in a glass of water or cleansing solution to keep them clean.

A temporary partial dentures Tallahassee FL, known as a flipper, is a quick and economical way to replace an extracted tooth. It’s typically used immediately after an extraction to avoid leaving a gap in the smile until a permanent tooth replacement option can be completed.

Stomadent’s lab can fabricate a hybrid removable partial that combines a titanium or wireonium framework with flexible Valplast or Acetal resin clasps. These hybrid partials are custom-designed for each patient and require two visits to complete the process.

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