People with broken teeth, cavities

People with broken teeth, cavities, cracked fillings, large fillings or large tooth loss can have crowns made instead of porcelain veneers. In cases like this, the porcelain veneers would be used to cover the damaged areas. Sometimes porcelain veneers aren’t even the best option for people with teeth that need some strengthening.

If you have lost a tooth, you’ll usually need to have a crown or cap placed on the tooth. These caps protect and strengthen the tooth. They’re made of gold or porcelain, and they’re held in place with dental cement. You’ll also need to have a crown made if your best dentist for Veneers tooth is severely decayed or damaged. In cases like this, the dentist can create a crown from a piece of ceramic.

Ceramic crowns are stronger than porcelain crowns, and they’re better at preventing infection from spreading into the root of the tooth. Ceramic crowns are also less likely to chip or crack than porcelain crowns. This is why they’re typically the best option for people who have significant tooth loss, and they’re the most recommended choice if you’ve had several teeth removed.

When you wear a crown, your bite will be stable, and you’ll be less likely to have a problem with sensitive teeth.

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