Onyx Chess Set

Preserving Your Onyx Chess Set for Years to Come

Caring for your onyx chess set is critical to ensure it remains in excellent condition, whether it’s an expensive heirloom piece or an affordable set. To keep your board and pieces in top form, it’s important to follow proper cleaning and storage procedures. From passing it down to future generations to being able to play without any issues, maintaining your onyx chess set is a must. Here are some tips to keep your chess equipment in amazing condition.

Chess Set Cleaning

To clean a chess set, it is important to consider the material it is made of. For wooden sets, avoid using furniture polish or wax, and instead, use a damp cloth with a solution of water and white vinegar to kill germs and remove odors. The same solution works well for vinyl boards and plastic pieces. However, for stone sets such as onyx chess set or marble one, avoid vinegar as it is acidic and may damage the natural stone. Simply wipe down the set with a dry cloth and if needed, use warm water. Metal chess pieces can also be cleaned with warm water. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions if available.

Chess Board And Its Pieces Should Be Stored Properly

The proper storage of your chess board and pieces is important for preserving its longevity. Wooden boards should be kept away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and humidity. To prevent scratches, place a soft cloth between stacked boards. Chess pieces can be stored in a variety of storage boxes or in a combination chess board that doubles as a storage box. For vinyl boards, a chess bag is a great option for portability. When storing vinyl boards, make sure to roll with the board facing outwards for a flat lay. Multiple vinyl boards can be stored flat by placing them on top of each other.

Different Type Of Chess Sets And Their Maintenance

Maintaining a large outdoor chess set is crucial for preserving its appearance and longevity. Depending on the material the set is made from, it will require different types of care. Plastic pieces are highly durable and can withstand extreme temperatures. Periodic cleaning is usually sufficient, but adding sand or water to the bottom to prevent it from blowing away is also recommended. Teak wood pieces are beautiful, but they require the most maintenance. The wood must be resealed once a year to keep it waterproof. Fiberglass sets are low maintenance and only require a wipe down or hose off to look their best. Lastly, metal topiary sets are unique and the pieces are designed to have plants grown inside them. The metal frame itself does not require much maintenance, but the plants need to be taken care of to ensure the pieces last for many years.

What Happens When Your Chess Set Gets Damaged

To maintain the appearance and quality of your onyx chess set, it’s important to address any accidents or damages that occur. Sometimes, pieces may get broken from being dropped, but with a little bit of wood glue, they can be repaired and good as new. Another common issue with wooden chess sets is scratches. However, if your chess board or pieces are coated with lacquer, these scratches can be easily buffed out with the help of an automotive scratch removal cream. It’s recommended to avoid using harsh petroleum or ammonia-based products as they can further harm the lacquer. This method can also be used to treat scratches on metal chess pieces with a lacquer coating.


Maintaining an onyx chess set is an easy task that only requires a bit of care and patience. Keeping the wooden pieces in good condition can be achieved with minimal effort, as the finish usually lasts a lifetime. For metal pieces, a quick wipe is usually enough, while plastic pieces do not require much maintenance at all. It is important to keep the chess board and pieces free from dust, and any spills or grime should be cleaned promptly to prevent staining. Finally, storing everything properly after use will ensure that all pieces are accounted for and ready for the next game. So, go ahead, take care of your chess set, and enjoy the game.

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