Promote YouTube Music Video For Free
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Promote YouTube Music Video For Free

One of the most popular marketing platforms available today is YouTube where you can promote YouTube music video For Free. YouTubers and other video creators now have more opportunities because of the video-sharing network, which overtook Facebook as the most popular website.

Around 23 million YouTube channels are currently in competition with one another for subscribers and viewers. As the majority of you are aware, ranking your channel or making it popular is not an easy feat. We came up with this list of the top free strategies to promote YouTube music video as a result.

You can make your channel show up in YouTube’s search engine results, and you can even obtain a spot in the recommended and related videos section. What must you do now for being able to promote YouTube music video?

Make a Beautiful YouTube Channel

Create a complete YouTube channel by devoting time and effort to it. It makes sense to create a YouTube brand account using your company name or brand if you are a business. This will increase brand recognition for you and make it easier for viewers to instantly recognize your videos.


  • Publish a quality channel icon (You can use your brand or company logo)
  • Add a banner for your YouTube channel that links to your website or social media profiles.
  • Make a channel introduction video.
  • Complete the form with accurate data.
  • Include relevant channel keywords
  • Provide the go-ahead for other channels to recommend your channel.
  • Construct a strong channel description.

Spend money on YouTube SEO to promote YouTube music video

Your channels and videos are ranked on YouTube using a variety of criteria. The two most important elements to promote YouTube music video are:

  • the duration of a video
  • Total amount of YouTube time

This means that you must draw in viewers who are more likely to see your video through to the conclusion. Including the appropriate keywords in your channel and videos can help you achieve this. So you must now be asking yourself, “How do I find the proper keywords?”

Consider using-

  • Tools like Google Keyword Planner
  • using the Google search bar to find the most popular terms
  • For ideas on frequently searched keywords, use the YouTube search bar

We’ll now look at a few areas you can use keywords to optimize

Freely promote YouTube music video: Use the Correct Keywords

When you have determined the keywords, incorporate them into your-

  • “Video title”
  • Description of the video
  • Video tagging


  • Put the keyword at the start of the title or within the first few sentences.
  • Employ 3–4 times in your channel and video descriptions.
  • You may also use LSI or secondary keywords.

Throughout the video script, don’t forget to include keywords

By listening to what is stated in your video, YouTube can determine its subject matter. As a result, you should add keywords to your scripts and use them verbally in the video. This is an effective free method which you can use to promote YouTube music video.

Goal: to rank well on Google

Google’s SERPs now regularly feature YouTube videos. In actuality, the search engine shows videos for a variety of topics, including “how-to” terms. That won’t be a problem because you already know how to find the most popular keywords to increase YouTube traffic.

Use the keywords you uncover wherever they make sense in your videos and channels.

Take note of the top videos by scrolling down to the Google video results. Attempt to determine-

  • What the content is like
  • The duration of the videos
  • Tags, headings, and descriptions

You may get a sense of the kinds of videos Google like by studying the aforementioned. The next step is to produce comparable videos to promote YouTube music video in order to rank on Google and drive consistent traffic to your channel.

Note: Over time, video results can vary. So, to truly drive traffic, be sure the outcomes have been consistent over time.

Build Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Say you succeed in having your videos appear in the Google SERPs. But what is the assurance that someone will click on it?

You are accountable for attracting the attention of your audience. Moreover making an eye-catching thumbnail is the easiest approach to draw viewers in and promote a YouTube channel for free.

As the thumbnail, YouTube chooses a screenshot from your video at random. The issue is that it might not be the ideal frame. A fuzzy image or a frame with only a building may be chosen by YouTube. Naturally, viewers don’t like the way it looks.

Create a strong thumbnail to promote YouTube music video that effectively conveys its main ideas. To make stunning thumbnails, you can make use of free apps like Canva. The strategy encourages people to select your video over rivals and also works for YouTube SERPs.

A few things to keep in mind

  • With thumbnails, you may develop your brand.
  • To evoke a sense of familiarity, use comparable colour schemes, fonts, and details.
  • Choose a thumbnail that will encourage viewers to click.
  • The best results come from a “must-click” title and attractive image.

Thumbnail specifications for YouTube

  • Make use of high-resolution pictures (at least 640p)
  • File size should not exceed 2 MB.
  • The ideal aspect ratio for most devices is 16:9.

Promote YouTube music video for free on social networks

You can easily and for free promote YouTube music video on social media networks. Music videos, product videos, walkthroughs, and more may all be shared and promoted! You can use the following social media sites to promote YouTube music video for free:

●    Facebook

●    Twitter

●    Instagram

●    Pinterest

If you already have a small following on social media, you may easily drive visitors to your channel. Simply share your channel and videos wherever it makes sense, including in groups, forums, and your profile. Just make sure the members in those groups or pages are the ideal audience for your videos.

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If you are ready to spend some money, you may also think about paying for social media advertising.

Distribute calls to action as widely as you can

Call to actions are well-known to YouTube watchers. The majority of YouTubers want subscribers, likes, and shares from their viewers—this is a fantastic method to promote YouTube music video for nothing!

You can request their likes or click the bell symbol during the-

Put your CTA in the first three to five seconds of the video

As the video concludes, invite viewers to subscribe. Links to your additional videos and relevant information are also permitted.

With the video descriptions, you can encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel and enjoy your videos.

Encourage cooperation with other platforms

In order to promote YouTube music video you can cross-promote their channels and attract new viewers, many YouTubers have teamed together. You can work together to make videos with other artists. By doing this, you’ll be able to benefit from your partner’s channel’s views and vice versa.

By collaborating with other creators, you may provide your channel the social proof it needs to attract visitors. Simply remember the following:

  • Work together with a creator who has an audience that is similar to yours.
  • Strive to establish a partnership that benefits both parties.
  • Choose a person with the same degree of influence.
  • Provide videos that benefit the viewers of both channels.

Use Videos to Promote Your Channel by Using Them

If a video is part of a series, viewers are more likely to click on the following one. Also, you can lengthen your watch sessions in the hopes of improving your SERP placement on YouTube. Some people believe that creating a series is expensive, yet even an iPhone or GoPro may be used to record high-quality videos. Therefore nothing stands in your way as long as you have a nice camera!

While making a series, you don’t always have to think along the lines of Netflix. It also works to divide a video into logical sections. If a video goes on for too long, viewers become bored. Hence, if you have a series, you can hold viewers’ attention for a longer period of time. You can apply this strategy to promote YouTube music video.

Consider that you are a YouTuber and that you recently visited the Himalayan nation of Nepal. One hour of video remains after all the editing is done. This one-hour video can simply be split into four segments that you can upload to your channel.

Using a series format is a simple and cost-free strategy to advertise my YouTube channel.

How to Choose an Interesting Series Theme

YouTube creators tend to specialize in one area. Thus, you ought to be aware of what appeals to your audience. Also, you can use YouTube Analytics to hunt for indications. Simple keyword searches on Google or YouTube are also helpful, and we’ve already shown you how to perform those things. The same keyword may be used.


  • Choose a well-liked topic or specialty to get the most viewers and subscribers.
  • Make use of tools for keyword research or YouTube Analytics
  • Write an engaging script
  • Practice and record
  • Provide sneak peeks or trailers prior to the start of the series to stimulate interest and suspense among viewers.

Playlist-ify Videos to Increase Views

You can promote YouTube music video to get more views by including your videos in playlists. A video may appear on several playlists, which will enhance the number of viewers and the duration of each session.

With your playlists, you can also include videos from other channels. The time of the session will ultimately expand if a viewer chooses to watch something after watching your video as well. Your videos will rank higher as a result.

You can group your videos into playlists according to a theme or trend as well. Playlists aid visitors in navigating and discovering your content when you have more videos.


  • Put your videos to playlists that are appropriate.
  • Include a video in three or more playlists.
  • Provide links to relevant videos on your videos’ end screen.

Use YouTube Stories and the YouTube Community to promote videos

YouTubers who have more than 10,000 subscribers are eligible for free stories-based YouTube channel promotion. These brief videos have a seven-day lifespan and can increase views and subscriber counts. If you have the necessary amount of subscribers, you can promote YouTube music video similarly to Instagram stories.

Free YouTube channel advertising is another fantastic feature of the YouTube Community page. By uploading content and media, chosen creators can engage with their audience and raise engagement levels. There are many people that use YouTube, and some of them might subscribe to your channel.

Create Creative Engagement Strategies

Occasionally use creative methods to engage your subscribers. If that not workout then you may run a poll and request that people vote in the comments. Then you might also hold competitions and award winners with prizes.

For instance, if you’re a painter, you may hold a contest for sketching. Make a video welcoming viewers, instruct them on what to do, and then choose the finest entries. In order to save people time, you may also make a playlist of the contest.

Also, this will increase views and offer you a few extra subscribers.

A Conclusion

So, how can you promote YouTube music video for nothing?

Do some keyword research first, and get to know your audience. So use our advice to turn your channel into one of the greatest and draw thousands or perhaps millions of subscribers. To increase views and subscriptions in an authentic way, you may also use services like Promozle’s YouTube promotion.

Using the Promozle network, you may advertise your videos and gain unique views. Also you may market your channel with the help of the solution to increase subscribers and reach. Furthermore you can add share buttons, write more detailed descriptions, and use custom content and call to actions. So give Promozle a try if you want to save time and effort for results that are guaranteed!

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