Review of GoPuff Driver: Everything That You need to Know 

If this fits you, you might be interested in a new delivery service that is being offered in a surprising number of locations! The GoPuff Driver evaluation by RSG writer Chonce Maddox Rhea is given below, along with all the relevant info. 

Not everyone enjoys driving for cost includes the cost like Uber and Lyft; some people need to bring their kids or other family members, and other GoPuff drivers prefer working more flexible hours (which could be less lucrative than rideshare driving periods) (that may be less lucrative than rideshare driving times). 

Gopuff raises $1.15 billion, breaking news 

GoPuff Jobs recently disclosed that it has raised $1.15 billion, for a total of $8.9 billion. Is GoPuff the upcoming big, untapped chance for delivery drivers? 

Not so soon, Harry replies. Harry expresses his experiences about why Gopuff Jobs might not be the best option for drivers on Twitter. 

In essence, the news about investment may be great for customers, but how do the numbers work for the deliverers? Will Gopuff Driver get compensated more? 

On the one hand, since GoPuff is vertically integrated and purchases in bulk, it may pay well and provide jobs. If GoPuff pays the cost of delivery, a gallon of milk that costs $1.50 may be sold for $4. 

According to Indeed, GoPuff Driver made around $13 to $15 per hour before this revelation. Our Gopuff Driver completes 2.5 to 3 orders per hour on average, and part-time drivers are paid $15 to $17 per hour (spring 2021 numbers). Although driver pay appears to be rising, we’ll keep an eye on the news to see whether this trend continues. 

Explain it. 

admit it now. I sometimes ask my husband to run errands. We might require medication, dinner, or, let’s face it, a quick snack. 

I knew I’d use Gopuff Jobs as soon as I heard about them. Using a Gopuff Discount Code, the app enables you to order items from a convenience store for $5.99 per month and $1.99 for each delivery. 

Furthermore, I saw that GoPuff works with driver-partners to deliver the goods. I wanted to see if driving for Gopuff could help rideshare drivers who were looking to diversify their sources of income. 

How Does Gopuff Work for Drivers? 

To start delivering with Gopuff Jobs, join up as a GoDrive Driver Partner. GoDrive partners are paid to deliver products directly to consumers since GoPuff is a mobile convenience store. 

GoDrive partners do not offer food deliveries, in contrary to Postmates and DoorDash. 

GoPuff can be the best delivery choice for you if you want to avoid driving around with stale food or carrying around drink orders. 

So where do you get your goods from? All around the US, GoPuff Jobs has warehouses. To the beginning of their shift, drivers plan ahead and arrive at the warehouse. 

You’ll be given a delivery route once the orders start to come in. You’ll be familiar with how it works if you’ve ever used Amazon Flex. 

GoDrive partners are required to confirm the customer’s age since some Gopuff Jobs sites sell alcohol and smokes. Simply use your phone to scan the customer’s ID. 

Each customer confirms their order with her phone. Minors do place orders, but as a GoPuff Driver, you must verify with an adult and get their signature. 

After that, if you pass a background check, you’ll agree to a training session and an alcohol delivery certification course. 

After that, you may select your shifts and begin operating Gopuff Jobs. The registration process has 12 steps and is finished in under two weeks. 


  • Re-engagement/Waitlist 
  • Direct Deposit of Personal Data 
  • W9 Go over the background check and sign it. 
  • Videos for Onboarding Ready to Start the Onboarding Session 

Benefits Of Providing GoPuff 

Central deliveries are made for goods. GoDrive partners only deliver orders close to their warehouse, unlike Uber, Lyft, and delivery services like GrubHub. As a result, you will always know where you will deliver and will also save on gas. 

Manage your time. Although GoDrive partners choose their own working hours, a week in advance, their timetables are fixed. GoPuff delivery is available in some areas till 4:30 in the evening. 

Guaranteed minimum rate Given that Gopuff Drivers travel a shorter distance than rideshare drivers, the guaranteed minimum wage is fair. You must also account for your petrol, tax, and insurance costs to make sure GoPuff does not deduct any from your tips. 

Downsides of GoPuff Delivery 

managing cash and tips. Dealing with money and tips might be difficult, according to one Gopuff Driver. GoPuff Jobs allows customers to pay with cash in specific locations because they are mobile gas stations. As a delivery driver, you might not want to carry a lot of cash or have to keep track of it. 

requiring ID or following orders from kids. Since an adult must authorize the order, taking orders from kids requires the delivery procedure to add a step. What happens if a teen place an order but no adult is around? The increased time needed to deliver orders for alcohol and smoke might be another issue. Although confirming IDs is important, it takes time away from going back to the warehouse to grab more orders. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What kind of vehicle is required to deliver GoPuff? 

There might not be any strict restrictions because GoPuff doesn’t disclose car specs. The year and type of your automobile don’t matter, unlike with Uber and Lyft, because you’re not carrying passengers. 

How Do I Arrange A Shift? 

Shifts may be booked via the driving app. Once you commit to a shift, you are obliged to show up on time and work the given hours. 

  • Top GoPuff Tips Drivers 
  • High Demand Shifts 

The flexibility of driving is one of my favorite aspects. Even if GoPuff Jobs has more restrictions than other applications, you may still take advantage of its scheduling tool. 

Delivery drivers should monitor the schedule and plan their shifts to coincide with times of high order volume. Consider when you, as a user, would use the app. Popular periods: 

when people are too exhausted to shop. 

When people are unable to get out as much over the weekend or during the workweek, they would prefer a convenient delivery. 

Efficient Work 

From what I’ve heard, GoPuff Jobs didn’t always allow drivers to keep all of their tips. Instead, they did quite so many food delivery services and included gratuities into their regular price. 

Thankfully, this is no longer the case, so you may now gain more guidance by finishing more jobs. So that you may go on to the next, be organized and check orders as soon as possible. 

Your earnings will rise dramatically if you work efficiently and complete as many deliveries as you can. Additionally, you can receive a bonus if you make a certain number of deliveries throughout your shift. 

Would You Like to Join GoPuff? 

Gopuff Jobs is able to drive easily overall. You may set your own timetable and are freed of the hassle of dealing with orders or restaurants. 

Delivering pre-packaged goods to the customer, you just begin your shift at the warehouse. 

Since you will only be delivering in one area, your car will see less wear and tear. 

Like every side of the gig, it has its cons. You should consider Gopuff Jobs for a part-time job if it’s available in your area. 

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