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Because RSO contains high levels of THC, it’s illegal to buy in many places. But in states that have legalized marijuana — either for personal use or for medical use — you can find RSO at cannabis dispensaries. RSO is an oil made by washing cannabis buds with a solvent, such as pure light naphtha, and then boiling off the solvent leaving behind the oil.

What is RSO oil used for?

According to Rick simpson oil for sale website, RSO is made from a particular type of cannabis called Cannabis indica, which produces a sedative effect that helps the body heal. In addition to cancer, RSO is said to also treat: multiple sclerosis. arthritis.

Sign up for bi-weekly updates, packed full of cannabis education, recipes, and tips. Because of this process, RSO is also typically dark green or brown, a stark contrast to the lighter colors of THC distillate and isolate. According to Mr. Simpson, true RSO should be between 90% and 95% THC, which makes it hard to find in the retail market but also challenging to extract at home.

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He received prescription medications which only made his struggles worse. Some people create capsules with RSO to avoid the strong cannabis taste, while others add it to food and drinks. You can use RSO in cooking the same way as cannabutter or by adding it to the finished dish. Again, strain the solvent through the cheesecloth into the bucket. Crumble the cannabis and combine with one gallon of alcohol into a large bowl and mix gently. After a few minutes, the THC will be dissolved in the solvent.

But some early research suggests that some chemicals in marijuana have future potential as a cancer treatment. Full-spectrum cannabis extracts can also be prescribed and are prepared by pharmacists from medicinal flowers into oily solutions for oral use. In addition to the cannabinoids tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol , the extracts contain other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids from the plant.

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Thank you Lazarus for taking care of us seniors, veterans, et al, with prices and quality that make it work for us too. CBD RSO is excellent for sublingual consumption on the go, mixing with food, or making your own edibles! Extracted and formulated in our own facilities to ensure the highest quality.

The term cannabis oil is often used synonymously for different oils, which can be quite confusing. Therefore, in the following article, a breakdown is given according to production method, effect and possible areas of use. There’s also evidence that they can treat pain and improve appetite.

For more information, please read our guide to posting a review. Other research on THC and other cannabis compounds shows that they may kill off cancer cells while sparing health cells. Cannabis oils that contain THC may help control nausea and vomiting for people who are going through chemotherapy.

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