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Some people consider leaflets to be a form of advertising

What is called a leaflet? Leaflets are pieces of paper containing information about a particular subject. Leaflets are given out when someone wants to sell something. In advertising, leaflets are used to make announcements. A campaigner hands out leaflets to inform people about something. The word ‘leaflet’ is also sometimes used as a verb meaning “to hand out leaflets”. Leaflets can also be referred to as a pamphlet. This refers to a smaller sized version of a leaflet.

Some people consider leaflets to be a form of advertising, while others think of leaflets as an informal or casual way of promoting a message. Some leaflets contain information about products and services. In some cases, leaflets will include links to sites that offer leaflets more information about the product or service being advertised. Most leaflets today are full-colour, with a glossy cover.

When a leaflet contains information about something that people might want, a campaigner or advertiser usually goes door to door to ask the residents whether they want to know more about it. People might decide not to buy the product or not to use the service, but most of the time they decide to read the information. Some people even think that leaflets are too intrusive, and they prefer to avoid them whenever possible.

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