Study in Canada

Study in Canada as an international student

In the recent past, Canada, due to its academic arrangement and friendly locals, has become quite a place for students to complete their educational aspirations. If you are also planning to study in Canada, carry on with the reading task. Here you will get a clear overview of all the pre-requisitions required to study in Canada.

List of Universities in Canada

Here is a list of all the universities in Canada:

  • Toronto University
  • British Columbia University
  • Alberta University
  • York University
  • Windsor University
  • Waterloo University
  • College of Lambton
  • Calgary University
  • University of Concordia
  • University of McMaster

List of exams that you need to clear to study in Canada

Here is a list of all the exams that you need to clear:

  • PTE
  • Duolingo
  • SAT

The required scores do vary from one institution to the other. Nonetheless, do seek IELTS exam practice and for others as well to upgrade your answering abilities in the main exam.

Benefits of studying in Canada

Here is why you should be studying in Canada:

  • Top-notch and quality academic experience:

The top colleges are located in Canada, making it the ultimate destination for students to proceed with their studies. You can choose between multiple subjects, which are great for you to carry on career-wise. Once you are done getting your degree from a university in Canada, it will be easy for you to land a job in any part of the globe.

  • The locals are very welcoming in Canada:

The locals in Canada are open to new cultures and other forms of living. That way, you will always feel welcomed into the premises of Canada. While in Canada, share your life experiences with the people surrounding you and also get to learn from the same.

  • The entire educational program in Canada is quite affordable:

There are multiple scholarship programs and academic arrangements that you can find in Canada. With the same, fulfilling your educational aspirations at best is easy.

  • Students can work & study:

With a work permit, you can continue with academics and professional life simultaneously in Canada. The authorities are quite flexible and welcome international students to work under them.

  • Multiple immigration opportunities:

Once you finish your education in Canada, you can leave for other international borders with appropriate pay.

  • Basic safety:

Life in Canada is quite safe and worth living. You will not be facing unnecessary harassment from the local goons.

Eligibility criteria to study in Canada

Here is a list of all the documents that you need to submit when planning to study in Canada:

  • An acceptance letter from a DLI (designated learning institution) you are attending.
  • A complete application.
  • An explanation letter for missing documents due to COVID-19

When making an application for a study permit, you must apply online under all circumstances.

You can make an application on paper when you.

  • Are physically disabled and not fit for online application.
  • Have a travel document for non-national residents, stateless persons, or refugees.

Documents required to study in Canada

Here is a list of all the documents required for you to study in Canada:

Proof of financial support

You must prove that you can bear all the expenses and that your family will provide adequate backup. You can prove the rightful presence of funds with the following:

  • Submit documents from a Canadian bank account or if you have transferred money to Canada.
  • GIC from a Canadian financial institution
  • Documents of education loan
  • Past four months’ bank statements
  • Bank draft converted into Canadian dollars
  • Proof of tuition & housing fees
  • Proof of scholarship


An acceptance letter is not required when you have a family member with a work permit or study permit in Canada whose stay has been acclaimed in writing.

Things to carry when you arrive in Canada as an international student

Here is it all listed:

  • Do carry your passport
  • Prepare the letter of introduction that has been approved and sent back to you.
  • Valid acceptance letter from your school.
  • Do come with a letter of reference, if any.
  • You shall have enough money to sustain your stay in Canada.
  • Need to be in a sound health condition.
  • There shall not be any criminal cases pending against you or immigration-related issues.
  • Valid medical exam results for immigration are necessary.

When you are studying in Canada

You need to keep on updating your student profile when studying in Canada. The following is a list of all the information that you need to update:

  • You need to keep on updating your contact information on your study permit. There is a dedicated web form that you can use to update the contact information.
  • If you leave Canada while continuing to study, you must take another medical examination before entering.

Final Thoughts

Canada has a rich scope for you to endeavor, but you must keep up with the research task and choose the most appropriate option. Otherwise, you will find things going in the negative direction.

Author Bio: Francis Mendes has been helping students with their study abroad in Canada ventures for the past few years. He has recently joined the core team of as a visiting guide to student support executives.

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