The 6 Strangest Survival Game Villains

Survival games have had strange enemies for a long time, but which ones are the strangest?

From Minecraft to DayZ, survival games cover a lot of ground and have a lot of different styles. Games where the main goal is to stay alive have been around for as long as there have been games. But games where you have to build camps and weapons to stay alive in a dangerous world have become a lot more popular in recent years.

Even though there are a lot of different enemies that players can face in survival games, some of them stand out as being very strange. From sea monsters to crazy zombies and everything in between, the bad guys in survival games have become as varied as the genre itself.

Creeper (Minecraft)

Players are used to seeing the Creeper at this point. The Creeper is a pretty unique addition to the world of Minecraft as a survival game. It is one of the most famous parts of the world. The Creeper is a strange creature that looks like a walking cucumber but has a blast that has upset many Minecraft players over the last ten years.

All a Creeper wants to do is kill the player, but the only way for it to do that is to kill itself. There is no way to know why Creepers do what they do, and players will always have to stay away from these now-iconic creatures. However, this will never really make sense. Still, it is amazing that Creepers have become such a well-known part of a game like Minecraft, where so many monsters try to kill players.

Warper (Subnautica)

Subnautica is one of the most famous survival games. It is almost entirely set underwater, and the player falls into an ocean world full of scary creatures and lots of danger. As players swim deeper into the dark, scary ocean, they will meet more dangerous enemies, like the Leviathan-class Reapers, which are scary and confusing on their own.

But the strangest enemy in Subnautica isn’t the giant reaper or the ghost leviathans that circle the map’s edge. It is actually a monster called the Warper, which is smaller but still very dangerous. Warpers are sent by the planet to protect it from other kinds of life. The virus on the planet makes the warpers attack the player when they get close. However, they often just sit in the water and watch the player without doing anything. Warpers are a strange type of enemy because they attack at random and are out in the world trying to stop the disease from spreading.

Red Soldier Ant (Grounded)

The goal of Grounded is for strange animals to turn into dangerous enemies. But the Red Soldier Ant is the strangest of all the creatures that players will have to deal with at a tiny level. It just doesn’t make much sense that the Red Soldier Ant is by far the dumbest monster in Grounded.

The Red Soldier Ant is dangerous in battle but seems ridiculously stupid. If the player is wearing a full set of Red Soldier Ant armour, the Red Soldier Ant will stay calm and neutral when it faces the player. Of course, this raises the question: Do the ants think the player is one of them, or are they just scared of an enemy who is brave enough to wear their dead bodies?

Shadow Creatures (Don’t Starve)

Don’t Starve was the first of a lot of great survival games, and while Funny Shooter 2 game has a lot of ridiculously weird enemies, the Shadow Creatures have some of the strangest game features.In Don’t Starve, losing your mind is a very real problem. This is something that hasn’t been done in many other survival games.

The player’s mind going down is a big problem because of Shadow Creatures. They slowly become more “real” as the player’s sanity goes down, and once they have taken away enough sanity, they will attack. In Don’t Starve Together, things get even stranger when Shadow Creatures start following the player who struck them most recently. This is the closest a survival game has come to making it feel like an evil creature is following you, like in a horror movie.

Unicorn (Terraria)

Terraria also has a long list of enemies that players can fight, and many of them are common enemies that players will have faced in other games. But the unicorn is a whole different thing. The unicorn is a well-known fantasy creature that is often shown as highly coloured and happy.

The problem with Terraria is that the Unicorn still looks happy and is highly coloured, but it is also violent and fast, trying to run over players every chance it gets. The “Unicorn on a Stick” item that the Unicorn enemy might drop when it dies might be the worst thing about it.

The Worm (The Forest)

The Forest is a hard survival horror game in which the player crashes on an island full of cannibals and monsters that mostly look like people. Scary things like the Armsy, Virginia, and Cowman were made during experiments on the island.

But there is one enemy that is much more confusing and rare that players might have to fight.The worm is a chain of creatures that look like worms and can join together to make a bigger, flying creature. It sometimes shows up in the late game. The worm never shows up in any cave system, but after day 40, you might see it outside on the island. The worm doesn’t really follow the rules of physics. It will smash off the ground and split into many pieces that players will have to fight one by one to kill. This makes it the strangest villain in the history of survival games.

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