The Best Scary Games on Roblox for 2023

The Roblox platform has seen a steady rise in users since since it was first made available to the public in 2006. One of the reasons for this is that it is quite easy to get there. You can play it on personal computers, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, Macs, and mobile devices running iOS, Android, and Xbox Live. Also, it is home to tens of thousands upon tens of thousands of unique games that were developed by gamers just like you.
Roblox isn’t exclusively for kids, despite the fact that the aesthetics are simple and blocky like Minecraft. There are plenty of games aimed towards adults available on the site, including some that are really terrifying.

If you dare, we will share with you in this post our recommendations for the finest horror games that are now available to play on Roblox.

The best scary Roblox games to play right now

Roblox is home to a surprisingly large number of terrifying game titles. Yet, not all of them were made with the same amount of care. Because of this, we conducted research to identify the top 10 most terrifying games that are certain to make you jump out of your skin.


A survival horror experience for up to ten players, Bear (Alpha) has an asymmetrical gameplay element. You have a squad of up to nine survivors at your disposal, and you’ll need to collaborate in order to fend off the Bear. On the other hand, there is the Bear itself, which is under the command of one of the ten players.
When players go too close, this “Bear” transforms into a terrifying stuffed animal that stands seven feet tall and yells at them. It follows everyone across the map, which resembles a labyrinth, and it must eliminate everyone within the time limit in order to win the match.
Players will need to collaborate in order to overcome the challenges posed by Bear and its assaults. When more puzzles are solved, Bear will have less time to prepare his assault. Every participant has a limited supply of stamina, and if you expend it too frequently, your running pace will gradually decrease.
Do you wish to prevent Bear from devouring all of the people that managed to escape? Consolidate your efforts, disperse yourselves around the map, and utilize your endurance and problem-solving skills to beat the time. Unless, that is, you happen to be Bear. In such case, I hope you have successful hunts.


Horror Tycoon is a fascinating and entertaining crossover experience that combines elements of tycoon management games with horror. Those who aren’t familiar with tycoon games should know that their primary focus is on the management of a certain company with the end objective of establishing an empire.

In this game, your objective is to create your very own horror emporium by stocking it with a variety of creepy relics purchased from various vendors. These include the “Slenderman,” “Pennywise” from “It,” and, strangely enough, “Sonic the Hedgehog.” After that, you’ll be able to construct your very own quaint little store of terrors, produce other structures, and make money.
You can engage in combat with the various scary figures and other players in order to gain additional cash. When you have vanquished them, you may then spend the cash that you have earned to buy new weapons and improve existing ones.


As you play Alone in a Dark House, you and the other players will take on the role of private investigators and examine a house that has been abandoned. You will investigate a storyline revolving around a serial killer who is on the lookout for his next victim while also solving puzzles.
You will find out more about the house’s previous occupants, as well as what happened to them, as you explore the different rooms. Alone in the Dark Home is without a doubt one of the most terrifying games that can be played on Roblox due to the fact that it features a variety of startle effects and two different settings.
Consider investing money on a private server so you can get the most out of your experience. The designer designed the game to be played as a single-player experience, and this feature makes that possible for players.


Both Alone in a Dark House and Finders Keepers feature exploration-based gameplay, and neither game is for those who are easily frightened. On the other hand, the game is played from the first-person perspective, which makes the experience even more immersive.
You play the part of a paranormal investigator in the game Finders Keepers, and your goal is to figure out what happened to a family that vanished. And when you are looking inside a house that has been abandoned, you will come upon a demonic creature that controls the house.

You have to find the discs that are buried all over the surroundings in order to get rid of the evil presence. Get ready to play one of the most terrifying Roblox games on our list, in which all you have is a flashflight to defend yourself with.


Another one of these immersive horror exploration games is called The Haunted Imperial Hotel. And in this game, you’ll venture through a terrifying mansion that’s packed with puzzles and side tasks to complete. Because it is intended to be played with other people, this Roblox horror title is a good example of a game that supports cooperative play.
When you investigate the hotel, you will find that it has the appearance of being about to collapse and is really sinking into the earth. The fact that this is the case makes exploring the hotel in and of itself a difficult task. In addition, in order to finish your mission in this incredibly eerie structure, you will need to stay out of harm’s way and avoid getting caught in traps as in Backrooms.

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