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The canisse, a screen of choice for your balcony

Having a terrace or a balcony is good, but to enjoy it it is important to preserve your privacy. So before laying any planter or seat, install a screen, made of natural cane or PVC. Westwing takes stock for you.

Originally, the canisse resulted from the assembly of reed canes. Today, it can be used as a vegetal or synthetic screen on a terrace, a balcony or in a garden. Its purpose is to protect you from prying eyes. Also, it is used to differentiate outdoor spaces, cut them from the wind or shade them. This is why it sometimes overlooks the dining area of ​​the terraces.

Natural reeds and others

For your balcony or terrace decoration, canisses in reed or bamboo, wicker, wood, used as break-views, are very appreciated because they simply blend into a garden and bring a very authentic air.

Some opt for canisses made of synthetic materials (sometimes with a natural look) such as PVC canisses, polyethylene (green, beige, white or anthracite grey) thinking them more robust, nevertheless, even they can suffer from gusts of wind or effects of sunlight, they may discolour.

Also, some brands offer bamboo and PVC canisses to combine the warmth of a natural material and the advantages of PVC. Others offer metal or aluminum canisses, treated of course, very contemporary or even designer on the exteriors. Finally, you can find double-sided canisse offering the same appearance on each side.

Which screen to choose? 

Do you want to fully protect yourself? Without being seen or being able to see? Or on the contrary, make sure not to be seen but not to completely separate yourself from the outside world? Depending on the weaving method, the screening power from one screen to another will not be identical. Check for more at Homary! Also whether you opt for a screen for your balcony lounge, or in your garden, natural or synthetic cane type, you can obtain from it that it totally or partially conceals, that is from 50% to 70%.

How to fix the reed to the balcony and in a garden?

The natural or synthetic reed screen comes in the form of a roll to be fixed or clipped to a fence or bars. Also, you can use clips, if the canisse rests on a fence. The automatic binders and self-locking tensioners adapt to the two types of supports mentioned above. Staples are more for chain link fences, they cannot be removed.

How to maintain a screen?

About every two months, dust off the synthetic cane privacy screen with water and black soap, for example. If it is made of natural cane, use a brush and later, once a year, coat it with a specific treatment (for bamboo, reed, wicker, etc.).

Installing a screen is not always well seen…

Before fixing your wicker canisse or your bamboo screen, find out from your town hall, the syndicate of co-owners.

  • How to place it?
  • How high can it reach?
  • What might it look like?

Sometimes its installation is the subject of a point in the co-ownership regulations and some municipalities may require you to obtain a building permit…

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