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The computers also track items throughout the warehouse

Most warehouses are designed to handle large quantities of goods. They have a large storage area and several loading docks. These warehouses must organize their inventory so that they can maximize storage space and minimize warehouse handling costs.

This is why many warehouses use a computer-based inventory system. An automated system is necessary to optimize inventory and ensure that goods move as quickly as possible through the warehouse.

A computer-based inventory system helps managers to determine what items are needed and where they need to be stored. These systems can be automated to perform certain tasks automatically, allowing warehouse employees to focus on other aspects of the warehouse operation.

The computers also track items throughout the warehouse. They know which products need to be shipped out and where to ship them. Many automated Manhattan scale training warehouse systems integrate with computerized transportation and scheduling systems, which manage freight shipment operations and provide real-time updates about shipments.

The computer-integrated systems ensure that inventory and freight management are coordinated. These systems allow warehouse operators to view the location of each item and its status. A manual inventory system allows warehouse staff to access the data needed to make decisions and control operations. Manual tracking of inventory is essential when processing thousands of items every day.

However, the ability to track items manually decreases dramatically once inventory levels are high. Manual inventory management is impractical for large warehouses, which often deal with large inventories.

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