These 5 Major Culprits Delay Construction Projects!

These 5 Major Culprits Delay Construction Projects!

Delays in construction projects are quite frustrating but extremely common. To illustrate, large-scale projects are challenging endeavours, including extensive planning, coordination, and management. Moreover, it could include complex scheduling & cross-functioning tasks.

To sum it up, the larger the project is, the higher the chance of delays, challenges or mishaps. The challenges become quite overwhelming for infra professionals, be it a highway contract, skyscraper, or a massive infra project.

Hence, before undertaking any such contract, identify the bottlenecks of such large-scale projects. This blog highlights some major challenges associated with Infra Projects.

What Really Causes Delays in Construction Projects?

Below entailed are some of the major bottlenecks causing delays in the construction projects.

  • Time Constraints & Mishaps in Scheduling

This is one of the most common yet impacting drawbacks within large-scale construction projects, causing delays. This is because the management sets unrealistic timelines for project completion. 

Additionally, the inefficient alignment scheduling of the project since its inception causes this mishap. Most of the time, these delays snowball, throwing the projects off track. 

Solution: It’s high time construction professionals should adopt automated scheduling of construction projects. This is because, even today, the management of many construction projects relies on manual insight for scheduling among several regions. This could consume a lot of time. Hence, switching to digital-oriented scheduling tools would be a great way to tune in scheduling on time.

  • Cost Management Issues

Managing expenditure is one of the major challenges in large-scale construction projects. To substantiate, maintaining a record of the workforce, material supply, and overall operating cost becomes daunting.

Additionally, keeping up with the equipment costs, for instance, the updated JCB nxt 140 price in India, can be challenging. As a result, this task is prone to mishaps, further affecting the overall budget.

Solution: Ensure the project management team is adept at mapping out the project’s expenditure. This, in turn, would ensure that the project stays within budget. One way to achieve the same could be to plan out a detailed budget from the outset.

Additionally, this budget should take into account all the costs concerning the project, including materials, labour, equipment, etc. Moreover, the manager should assess the budget from time to time and make adjustments (if needed) accordingly.

  • Safety Issues 

It goes without saying that large-scale infra projects are quite prone to health & safety hazards. To illustrate, on-site workers are directly exposed to hazardous working conditions. Moreover, these sites are quite prone to accidents.

Solution:  Project managers should appoint officials to ensure the maximum safety of all workers. The team could further include safety training programs for the workforce. The labourers could be trained to operate safety equipment and ensure their safety inspection within this training.

  • Supply Chain Management Failure

The execution of large-scale construction projects typically involves various supplies & subcontractors. In a complex scenario like this, the supply chain can be a tough task to accomplish. For instance, failures in the management could lead to delivery delays of material & equipment. Subsequently, it becomes challenging to ensure that every logistic arrives on time.

Solution: One way to address this challenge is to have a detailed supply chain management plan in place before the project’s launch. This method could include a list of stakeholders like subcontractors and suppliers.

  • Environmental Concerns

This is another aggravating factor resulting in delays in large-scale projects. This is due to the restrictions & regulations pertaining to construction activities. For instance, professionals require certain permits. Moreover, the process of ensuring an environmental impact assessment is in check can be quite time-consuming. Now, it further escalates the process if management fails to comply with these regulations. As a result, the failure can call out certain legal challenges and fines, further delaying the project.

Solution: A comprehensive environmental plan is one of the best ways to prevent the delay. This could include measures to alleviate the aggravation caused due to environmental factors. For instance, professionals could ensure to bring in use of sustainable materials & energy-efficient construction solutions.

Moreover, construction equipment models like Tata Hitachi 130 are engineered to comply with sustainability guidelines in its operation. No wonder why infra professionals constantly query about the tata hitachi 130 price in India.

Mitigating Delays in Construction Projects: Top 2 Methods

Along with addressing the causes of delays, we also discussed possible ways to fix the same. However, this section suggests 2 specific solutions that would comply with & solve any delay in the project.

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)

This technology is employed to build 3D models of construction projects. Using such tech helps professionals identify potential threats or issues concerning the project. This prior assessment helps determine & find alternative solutions to prevent any delays in construction projects. Additionally, this method saves enough time & revenue in the longer run.

  • Prefabrication & Modular Method

This is yet another efficient method to prevent or mitigate delays in construction projects. Additionally, it speeds up the operation while reducing unnecessary costs. To illustrate, this process involves working on building components off-site.

Thereafter, the process proceeds with the assembling of those components on site. This comprehensive process reduces downtime while further improving QC. For example, professionals complete the entire unit or modules. After that, they transport the same for their installation on-site. Doing the same prevents potential disruption as well. 

Final Thoughts

Large-scale construction projects in India are majorly subject to delays & other challenges. These challenges could be time-related, budget-related, safety, or overall management related. Additionally, these projects are prone to be affected by legal & environmental restraints.

Nevertheless, the adept use of modern construction technologies like BIM and prefabrication can significantly mitigate these challenges. Moreover, a construction professional must ensure efficient communication across the project management team.

All these would coalesce to ensure project delivery on time whilst ensuring successful outcomes. However, it’s also important to note that these solutions are tailored to the specific project’s needs and context.

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