they should not be on the bed all the time

It is OK to let your dog sleep in your bed if they don’t wake you up often. As long as they are trained and behaving properly, they are welcome to sleep in your bed whenever they want to. If they are getting comfortable in your bed, there is nothing wrong with that. However, they should not be on the bed all the time. Let your dog sit on the floor if you are trying to sleep. If you are watching television, your dog should not Dog Bathrobe be in bed with you. Dogs who wake you up in the middle of the night may be due to overstimulation or boredom. Some dogs can get uncomfortable sleeping alone in a room. They may want to be near another animal or pet. This is normal and does not mean that your dog is going to bite your leg while you sleep. Dogs who bark all night may actually be lonely. Your dog may be barking because they miss you and are trying to get your attention. Caterpillar Sustainability Author Bio I am Zoya Arya, and I have been working as Content Writer at Rananjay Exports for past 2 years. My expertise lies in researching and writing both technical and fashion content. I have written multiple articles on Gemstone Jewelry like Larimar Jewelry and other stones over the past years and would love to explore more on the same in future. I hope my work keeps mesmerizing you and helps you in the future.