Things to keep in mind for Kalsubai Trek


Maharashtra is renowned for having beautiful mountain scenery. The perfect place for trekkers is Kalsubai Peak, which is found in Maharashtra. This amazing location for you to explore is also referred to as Maharashtra’s Everest and is situated in the western ghats of the Sahyadri region. For a sense of the thrilling adventure of climbing Maharashtra’s tallest peak, you should visit this place. This trek will have a lasting impression on you due to its dreamlike beauty and ideal surroundings.The Sahyadri Mountain Ranges in Maharashtra are home to Kalsubai Peak, which is the highest mountain in the state and a well-liked trekking location. Kalsubai has a lot to offer tourists, photographers, hikers, and fans of the great outdoors. Because of its magnificent natural perfume, one could claim that it is a gift from God.


The Sahyadri region’s Kalsubai Peak is a well-known excursion. It is the tallest peak in Maharashtra with an altitude of 5,400 feet, and it is easily reachable by both Mumbai and Pune. The mountain is located in the Ahmednagar district’s Akole Taluka, around 100 kilometers from Mumbai. Also, the flora and fauna in this area are extraordinary and spectacular.

Best time to visit

The route is open all year round and features different scenery depending on the season. Thus, depending on what you would like to see and do, choose the best time. You may wander in the rain and take in the stunning green scenery during the monsoons. Although being busiest during the monsoon season, the path may become very crowded. It’s best to avoid this time because it’s also extremely challenging to get clear views. The blooming seasons are during the months of September and October. During the fall months, it may be possible to view the neighboring peaks and forts well.

Planning and Preparation for the Trek

The ascent of Kalsubai offers stunning panoramas of the adjacent mountain ranges and lowlands, as well as the chance for hikers to fully appreciate the Western Ghats’ unspoiled splendor. But, to get the most out of this Kalsubai journey, it’s important to have sufficient preparation and take the appropriate safety precautions.

A decent level of physical fitness is necessary for the moderate to challenging Kalsubai hike. Make sure to begin training for the trek far in advance by engaging in regular exercise and progressively increasing the time and intensity of your workouts.

Always ensure that you review the forecast before starting the walk because the weather can be erratic in the highlands. Trekking should be avoided under conditions of intense heat or heavy rain.

Prior to beginning the Kalsubai trip, it is crucial to get approval from the forest ministry as it travels through a reserve forest.

Crucial points to keep in mind during the Trek

To prevent heatstroke, the Kalsubai trip should be started early in the morning. Also, you will have ample time to go to the summit and take in the scenery before starting the descent.

It’s crucial to take several breaks to relax and rehydrate because the climb up Kalsubai is difficult and steep.

Several different species of wildlife, like snakes, leopards, and bears, call the Western Ghats home. It’s critical to pay attention to your senses and to stay far away from any wild creatures.

Maintain an eye on the clock because the Kalsubai walk can take multiple hours to complete in order to make it to the top and back before it gets dark. Take care of one another while trekking in a group.

Even though the Kalsubai walk is clearly defined, it is still crucial to pay close attention to the markings to stay on the right path.

It’s critical to stick to the official trail on the Kalsubai walk to protect the delicate environment from damage.

Difficulty Level of the Trek

Despite being a challenging journey, there are stairs leading to the peak’s summit. The sturdy metal ladder is set up in certain uneven places that could be challenging to ascend. As a result, novice hikers can easily visit it. Within the boundaries of the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary, the land is protected. However, consider doing a night trek, especially during summertime,, or starting the trek as early as feasible in the morning, as the intense heat tends to dry and exhaust hikers on what is a long walkway to the peak. While the temperature varies throughout the day from 35°C to 28°C, at night it can be as cold as 12°C to 15°C.


The path up to the Kalsubai top is characterized by lush green fields, rocky terrain, and high-altitude forests. A once-in-a-lifetime encounter, the Kalsubai mountain’s holy temple on top of the summit, the entrancing panorama from there, and the stunning daybreak all come together to provide the perfect setting. You will be given delectable cuisine in a local’s home after the excursion is over. The feeling of climbing Maharashtra’s biggest hill is unparalleled. When climbing and reaching the summit, the rush of adrenaline is at an all-time high. Also, the gorgeous walk offers fantastic chances for nature photography!

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