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Mongolia’s vast steppe is a remarkable culture encompassing a rich history of raising livestock, but will it soon be one of the last … Tim’s adventures include a 14 month cycle trip from St Petersburg to Beijing and a three year Mongolia to Hungary traverse on horseback. An accomplished writer and documentary maker, he is also a past recipient of the ‘Australian Geographic Adventurer of the Year Award’.

The drivers will make every effort to please you and that you come back to visit Mongolia again. The largest and astoundingly enormous sand dunes “Khongoryn Els” also knows as the “Singing Dunes” is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mongolia. Discover our wide range of destinations for your next adventure travel holiday. Great Naadam & Gobi Desert Tour The two most famous attractions of Mongolia are in one package tour. Combining the Naadam festival tour with a visit to the vast expanses of the Gobi allows you have the best Mongolia travel experience.

We will also be taking advice from local people on the ground whose expertise will far exceed our own. We will not only spend the night in gers by the side of the lake but have the chance for further enjoyment of the area. You’ll have time to swim or bathe in the lake’s clear waters, or just unwind and take in the mountain views. The site also boasts lovely hiking routes around the shoreline and over the protruding rocky outcrops, perfect for a bit of exercise or to catch some fantastic photos of the gorgeous surroundings. Tonight we pitch tents with another local family located near to the town of Tsengle in a low river valley. We look at life here and experience yet another regional variation in hospitality.

Flushable, European-style toilets are common in the hotels and restaurants of Ulaanbaatar. Throughout the rest of the country, squat toilets are the standard, with the exception of some ger camps and homestays, where toilets may be simple holes in the ground. Please be aware that, Things to See in Mongolia in most cases, soap and toilet paper aren’t provided, so make sure you come prepared. This powerful river in Northern Mongolia is surrounded by lush landscapes and agriculture. Home to a wide variety of wildlife and birds, this fertile area shows Mongolia in all its natural glory.

From temple to market we go as we stop at another important local institution; Khovd Market is found at the heart of the city and will likely be busy as many locals prepare for tomorrow’s big holiday, Naadam. Naadam sees most locals wanting to look their best, opting to wear their traditional dress, the Deel, and prepare a few meals for friends and family from afar. We will call at the local market and check out the best dress shop in town, perfect for photographers and those into local traditions alike. They may not have time to suit and boot you, but it’s great to see. Although predominantly a Tibetan Buddhist country, Shamanism is still an essential part of many people’s everyday life in Mongolia, especially in these more rural parts. We will witness some of the ancient and mysterious rituals that the community still holds dear such as mirrors that repel evil spirits or sacred fire and water.

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