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Top 10 Baby Gifts Under $50 SGD in Singapore

As you celebrate the most-awaited news from your loved ones, you should not ignore buying something special for them. And when there is a celebration, it means pampering the mommies and babies with unique gifts. Here, we have enlisted best baby gift ideas that are sure to be hit at any occasion. Let’s dig in!

Lovingly Signed:

Lovingly Signed is a versatile store offering customized baby gifts for every occasion. From personalised baby gift to customized hampers, it is a one-stop shop to buy everything and celebrate the birth of your baby in best possible way. Cherish every moment with these unique baby gifts from Lovingly Signed.

Personalised Essential Bundle Set:

A perfect package featuring all the essentials you will need. This set features a bashful and jolly Jellycat Bunny along with premium Cable Blanket to accompany your child during bedtime. There is no better way to celebrate than buying this thoughtful gift set. 

Jellycat Bunny:

What is best than getting an adorable Jellycat Bunny. This little buddy can be shy at first but wait till it mingles with your baby. The two can’t stay apart even during naptime. Spread laughter at home with this amusable bunny.

Personalised Sophie Snuggles Gift Set:

Keep the little one cozy after a bath with Personalised Sophie Snuggles Gift Set. Keep them dry with White Hooded Towel and make them snuggle in the premium Cotton Blanket. When their gums begin to teethe, ease the pain with Sophie the Teether. 

Newborn Bashful Elephant Bundle:

Newborn Bashful Elephant Bundle is a perfect way to greet the blessed family. Tuck your little one in bed with Elephant Blanket along with their favorite Elephant plushie. Don’t forget to read Welcome to the World- storybook and let them dream sweet.

My Baby Journal:

Pregnancy is a rollercoaster journey with unexpected surprises and experiences. My Baby Journal is a perfect gift for all moms to pen down their emotions and precious moments. Moreover, its colorful pages will surely lift your mood.

Bashful Bunny Bundle:

The Bashful Bunny Bundle features a Jellycat companion, a Bashful Bunny Blanket, and Bunny Comforter that your little one will surely love. What’s better than this amazing trio to cheer your wee one?

Peek-A-Boo Elly Activity Toy Set:

The Peek-A-Boo Elly Activity Toy set is a duo of entertainment and practicality. It is perfect for fostering sensory development in babies. Along with this, you will get the best-selling Organic Cotton Blanket that is firm and gentle on the baby’s skin. 

Super Luxe Baby Gift Set:

The Super Luxe Baby Gift Set is a luxurious hamper bustled with items that every parent need for their newborn. In this set, you will get a warm Gingham Robe, high-absorbent Gingham Hooded Towel, comfy Baby Grow, soft Organic Cotton Blanket, and squishy Jellycat Bunny.

Mori and Trixie Backpacks:

Are you tired of carrying tons of things for newborn during travelling? If yes, then get Mori and Trixie Backpacks which are spacious backpacks to store every little item. Not only this, these backpacks are handy and look stylish on moms. So travel freely without having to carry tons of luggages for your little one. 

New Teether Set:

You surely will need something for the teething process! The New Teether Set comes with rubbery Ethan the Fox teether to soothe sore gums. Along with this, you can get the best-selling Organic Cotton Blanket to make your baby comfortable.


This blog was all about the baby gift items offered by Lovingly Signed. Get to choose from variety of personalization options and customize your own hamper by adding your favorite items. Don’t forget to add a heartfelt note and surprise your baby with Lovingly Signed!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are popular baby gift items? 
    Lovingly Signed offers an enticing range of baby gift items. Some of their best-selling baby hamper are Personalized Ethan The Fox Bath-Time Set, Hospital To Home, Personalized Polka Dot Blanket Duo Set, And When I Am Big Set.
  2. Are baby gift hampers worth every penny?
    Of course, they are! The baby gift hamper comprises all the baby essentials that you will need in the early years of your little one. Lovingly Signed prioritizes practicality and quality in almost every hamper thus letting you get value for money.
  3. Do baby gift set cost much?
    Not really. Lovingly Signed offers baby gift set that adhere to different budget needs of parents. Also, the store lets you design your own by adding items based on your personal preferences and budget.
  4. Can I purchase a baby gift set online?
    Of course, you can! Lovingly Signed has maintained a webpage that offers a wide range of baby gift set, making it convenient for you to shop from the comfort of your home. 

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