Cons Of Ebooks

Top 5 Cons Of Ebooks Which Most People Do Not Know

EBooks are getting all the attention right now. Students who want to enjoy learning about new and challenging topics like Harvard referencing, maths, and politics follow this innovative learning method.

Although eBooks are receiving so much love, here we will state some of the top four disadvantages of eBooks.

Not many people are into books

An eBook is indeed an innovative form of reading. But even with that, we have to agree that only a few of us go back to an eBook form of reading. Reading is only one of the options for many. Most students get into video form of learning, practicing online sample papers or getting tutors.

Based on surveys, we have also found out that students who like to read like to resort to physical books, reading printed samples from homework help Australia to get book satisfaction rather than reading online.

Bad for the eye

Another prevalent issue with using eBooks is that it could be better for eyesight. Constantly staring at the screen and looking at small words could be better for eyesight. Students who love to read at night had to refrain at some point since it can affect their vision. Read Also – A game changer for the E-commerce landscape of India

Of course, you can change the font and lightning, but overall it isn’t good to stare at screens for a high period.

Requires charge

EBooks are usually read on a device. This device can be a laptop, mobile, or even desktop. Be it any of the devices, all of these require charge for performing. For college students, this can be additional charges which are a hassle.

Also, when there is no electricity, it can be really distracting and disturbing for students to continue with the lessons. It might sound a bit silly but not having a charge when in the mood for studying can be brutal.

It Might cost money

Talking about devices, you need money to buy one. Traditional books are costly but often, renting and downloading eBooks also require money. Also if we include the internet prices, then the prices are even higher.

A student who does not want to spend too much money and still gain knowledge and learn can easily rent books from the library and enjoy the process.

Easy to lose

And if you do not back up your items and are not careful with them, then it is easy for you to lose your eBooks. Since they are stored as soft copies and not hard copies, keeping track of millions of eBooks is tough, especially when getting them for a particular course or degree.

Once lost, students have to look for it in agony, wasting time, effort, and money.

Studying from eBooks can be good for getting ideas and having fun while reading. But heavily relying on them is only for some. These are some of the significant disadvantages of eBook reading, so now that you know it, you can take the necessary steps you need for better learning.


Students are always in a constant battle about whether to study from eBooks or traditional books. EBooks might sound very intriguing, but there are certain disadvantages to them. Here we have listed the top four disadvantages of studying from eBooks.

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