Top 5 Tips to Optimize Mobile-Friendly Sites in SEO Practices

Best 5 Practices to Optimize Mobile-Friendly Sites in SEO

Today in this article I am going to talk about how to check and optimize your website whether is mobile-friendly or not. Because nowadays people are using mobile and even searching for any query on mobile instead of laptops or desktops. So of your, website will be mobile-friendliness then chances to get a higher ranking on the SERPs of your website. Ultimately website traffic will be also increased.

1] Create AMP Pages of A Web Page

AMP stands for Accelerate Mobile Pages. If you have changes related to AMP on your website then it stands out from others. If you want to improve the page loading speed of a website when people click on your website on a mobile device. Then you must optimize AMP pages. AMP has major 3 types namely AMP HTML, AMP JS, and AMP CDN. The main goal of AMP is when users click on your website on mobile devices and how much time takes for your website to respond to users. For that, you have to minify javascript, CSS, and HTML to improve page loading speed. But for better website traffic and ranking organically on SERPs, you need to hire a good SEO marketing agency. Besides, if your business is in Boise USA, and wants to increase website traffic using SEO then you can hire a Boise SEO agency.

2] Try to Resolve Schema Errors

Schema stands for structured vocabulary data mainly used to understand in-depth Google or other search engine spider bots. Because search engine spider bots work on artificially Intelligent languages and don’t understand human language. Meanwhile, if you add various types of schema related to your business then it will improve website ranking. There are 3 techniques for using schemas in SEO which are JSON-LD, Microdata, and RDFa. but JSON-LD is the best and easy to manipulate in your content. So try to add schema in your blog to increase website traffic and ranking.

3] Keep Responsive Website Designs

When a user searches a query on Google and you got the #1 position on SERPs. If users click on this site and user face some trouble understanding your website. Then chances to decrease a website position on SERPs. because in a website some issues can be founded related to UI and website responsiveness. So try to fix website responsive issues on your website. There can be several reasons like big font size, high-resolution themes, high image sizes, videos, and so on.

4] Image Optimization

If you have added images to your blog and you haven’t done image optimization properly, so there will be an impact on the ranking of the website. Most SEO experts mistakes in such kinds of images related as a result they can’t rank a website on SERPs. There are many tools available on the internet related to image compression and reducing the size of image quality. So try such types of tools and do proper image optimization to get a higher website ranking. In addition, if you are looking for the best SEO marketing agency in Ohio city then you can hire the top-notch Ohio SEO services company to increase website ranking and traffic of a website organically.

5] Remove Pop-ups From Your Mobile Site

You should assume that your website will be ranked 1st in a Google search or another search engine. In addition to the pop-ups, you added pop-ups for lead forms. Your users will therefore jump to another website immediately if they feel blocked by your content. Whenever this occurs repeatedly, Google is notified that the bounce rate on your web page is increasing. Both website traffic and ranking will be included in the results.

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